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Headline for 7 Reasons why you should not miss Hikkaduwa – Reasons that will woo you into visiting Hikkaduwa
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7 Reasons why you should not miss Hikkaduwa – Reasons that will woo you into visiting Hikkaduwa

Not a very large city, by comparison, Hikkaduwa is a coastal city located just 100km south of the capital. On the lookout for best water sports? Well, blot your diary between November and March.



Snorkelling is one of the best adventurous activities in Sri Lanka as the country is blessed with pristine beaches and azure waters. One of the eventful places where you can have the best snorkelling session is Hikkaduwa. Whether or not you have all the knowledge of the jungle, there are many instructors to prep you up before getting into the waters. Once you are underwater, you will see bunches of colourful reefs that adorn the seafloor, and if you are thirsty for another piece of what makes the ocean a mysterious place, you can sign yourself up for a scuba diving session to see the shipwrecks.


The beach

Hikkaduwa beach is a popular spot among tourists because of the places like Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon found in the area. Apart from great lodging facilities, the white sandy beach and the crystal-clear Indian ocean make up for a great spot to go for a swim. To strike one other thing off your list of things to do in Sri Lanka, you can climb a palm tree!



To have the complete experience of a beach holiday, you can hire a surfboard and go surfing. Hikkaduwa is making its way to the top as one of the best places to go surfing – the reason comes down to its consistent waves. Don't let not owning a surfboard rob you of this wonderful experience; you can easily rent a surfboard from a shop for any amount of time.


The street food

Not unlike other Asian countries, the Sri Lankan residents too have excellent taste in street food. One of the main draws for the tourist, street food in Hikkaduwa is simply delicious, and the most favourite food item among tourists is roti served with a spicy, chilli sauce.


Gangarama Temple

Another attraction that makes Hikkaduwa a desired tourist destination is Gangarama Temple. The temple is loved by the locals and admired by the tourists. There are many paintings and artwork which the monks who reside in the temple take great pride in.


Tsunami Photo Museum

It's barely holding it together but the rest assured, the museum is worth your time. Located just 3.5km away to the north side of the town, the museum unfolds the story of the tragic disaster that swallowed thousands of lives – you will be taken back to the disaster that took place in 2004 through photos and newspaper features.


Turtle Hatchery

The place is gaining popularity by the day as it offers tourists a unique experience. Dedicated to preserving the endangered species, the hatchery gives you leave to touch and hold the turtles. There will also be guides explaining the life circle of the animal, and they will let you in on some of the methods they use to protect the marine species. Some call it a profit-seeking institution while others describe their visit as an emotional visit – in any case, you can form your own opinion if you visit the place.