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Headline for Top 07 Hong Kong Cuisine - Seven Best Dishes in the Hong Kong Culinary Cannon
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Top 07 Hong Kong Cuisine - Seven Best Dishes in the Hong Kong Culinary Cannon

As one of Asia's most popular food hubs, exploring the culinary wonders that Hong Kong cuisine has to offer is a must for all first-time visitors. Here are 7 highlights to sample on your next holiday.



Widely known as "chāo shǒu" in the local tongue, which literally translates to "hands crossed," wontons are not only a popular snack in the island nation but one that is a wholesome meal in its own right. Served in a clear coloured soup, the deep-fried or steamed wontons float in the broth and take various shapes based on the region in which the soup is prepared. The best-known variety, of course, is the Sichuan-style which originates from Chengdu where the dish is still revered.


Fish Balls

Diners can be forgiven for believing that Fish balls are a continental invention but the Chinese origin dish is a conventional Hong Kong snack that has been enjoyed for generations. There are two types of fish balls available in present-day Hong Kong and by far the most well-known is the variety sold by street food carts. Served with sweet as well as spicy sauces, the fried meat is rolled into a ball in this instance. The other variety involved uncooked fish balls which are infused into hot noodle soups or as an ingredient in hot pot recipes.


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings or Har Gow

Hong Kong cuisine is stock full of a hundred different types of dumplings but none can compare to the fresh, delectable flavour of steamed shrimp dumplings or Har Gow. A staple in many restaurants in Kowloon Hong Kong, the dish is one of the more expensive menu items as well. Steamed inside a bamboo steamer, each dumpling contains at least two shrimps and some pork as the filling. Visitors based at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong and similar hotels in the area will find that the dish is available in countless eateries in the vicinity.


Hong Kong Custard

Dubbed Hong Kong's own incarnation of Milk Pudding, Hong Kong Custard is a beloved dessert enjoyed by the young and old alike with a rich history of its own. The healthy and wholesome dessert is a big hit with children, women and elders as it's delicate and unmistakably "milky" flavour appeals to their taste buds. The smooth and creamy texture of the custard is richer than that of egg pudding or soy milk desserts. Served both cold and warm, a garnish of lotus seeds, fruits or red beans are traditionally added. One of the best places to sample a cup of custard is at the Yee Shun Milk Company which specialized in this traditional Hong Kong dish.


Hong Kong Egg Tarts

If Hong Kong has a favourite pastry variety, it is surely the classic Hong Kong egg tart. This snack is so well-known and popular that queues outside the Taichung Bakery, which is arguably the top egg tart vendor on the island are a common site. Made using flour and butter, the sweet and succulent egg filling is what gives the dish its irresistible flavour. A much-loved tea time snack, most Hong Kong bakeries, tea houses and cafes offer this pastry in their menus.


Hong Kong Milk Tea

Made using Ceylon black tea along with sugar and evaporated milk, locals consider Hong Kong milk tea a cultural treasure when it comes to the country's finest beverages. Ideal for those who prefer to have a strong milk tasting tea that's creamy and aromatic at the same time, Lan Fong Yuen is the finest tea house to sample this classic local creation.


Pineapple Bread

This delicious sweet bread was not only invented in Hong Kong but omnipresent in nearly every bakehouse in the country. Resembling a pineapple in appearance, the bread does not contain any pineapple but is soft bread made with eggs, flour and sugar.