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Top 08 Reasons to Study Jewellery Design – Be the mind behind the creation

Jewellery is a delicate creation that takes a lot of patience and practice along with creativity. Here are some reasons why you should study jewellery design.


Express yourself

All forms of designing allow a mode of expressing yourself. Jewellery design is a similar way that one can express ones-self by the designs they create. If you work with the right guidance such as the lectures of the Academy of Design, which allows you to find your style and technique from the beginning then you are bound to love the outcome of what you learn.


Build a career

If you have been creating little pieces of jewellery or drawing from a young age it is highly likely that you would like to learn about the professional methods of designing jewellery. Most jewellery design courses in Sri Lanka focus on designing as well as creating sample pieces yourself in order to learn about the practical side of creating what you design. If you enjoy what you do while you learn then you are sure to build a career out of what started out as a hobby.


Develop your self

If you have always been good with crafts and little things you make, then this will make you develop those skills you have. Most children express a liking for making jewellery and little objects from a young age and it is important to encourage and let that ability grow in them. When you study jewellery design you will be exposed to the right techniques, the right soft-wares that are used professionally and your confidence in being about to design and create will grow.


Do it for yourself

This world is competitive. Being able to do something that you love and spend time encapsulated in order to bring to reality what you envision your head is bound to make you happy. There are so many things we do in order to achieve our goals and missions that have been set to life by ourselves or those around us and we tend to neglect our happiness during this process. If jewellery design makes you happy, study it, so that you will always have something to break away to when you need space and happiness.


Explore your hobby

If you are in a different field professionally but love making and designing jewellery then you can expand your knowledge about your craft if you study jewellery design. This could be a hobby but it could also be a mode of meditation and stress relief for you when you want to break away from the everyday monotony and competition.


If you have a career in fashion

Fashion designers and stylists love to create the complete look for their garments and photoshoots. The hair, the makeup, the accessories, the jewellery, and the shoes complete the look that is designed around the clothing. If you have a career in the fashion industry then having knowledge about jewellery designing will expose you to a wider range of possibilities that will allow you to become a better fashion designer or stylist.


An extra qualification

This degree, diploma or even certificate that you study towards will be an added qualification for you. In a competitive world where you need so many skills, qualifications and knowledge to get ahead, an extra qualification might be what will help you accomplish that job placement you have always wanted.