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Things to consider before adopting a society management software

Choosing the right society management software can be a huge task since the kind of software you choose will affect the way the community is being handled or functioned. But don’t worry we got this covered for you. In this article, we have discussed and mentioned all the necessary things to consider before deciding on one.


Should be user-friendly

One of the most essential criteria to consider while choosing a society management software is how user-friendly the application/software is. Having a good user interface will help all the stakeholders of the community to understand and access it easily. In the end, if you cannot use or know how to operate the system it is of no use. Go for a trial version in the beginning and then ask all the members if they were comfortable with it or not. This way you can determine whether your community is comfortable with it or not.


Provide amazing features

With ‘n’ number of software systems available in the market, it is quite important/compulsory to conduct detailed research before adopting/investing in one. First and foremost identify the areas where and why you need a system, look for a one that solves all these in a more effective and efficient manner such as a system which comes with features like child security, visitor management solution, society accounts, etc.This way you can choose the right software for your community.


Provide a detailed view of reports

One of the best thing about having a society software is you can be more organized about the work(society tasks). The admin will receive timely updates about the tasks to be completed, like a single dashboard for viewing the progress of all the community tasks. Choose a one that provides detailed reports of the tasks in progress, to be performed and completed ones. This way the society has a track of what’s being done and what has to be done.


Wider accessibility

Many software comes with huge and bulky hardware which make it difficult in case of any problem. It will require a professional person to handle the system which leads to more dependency. Instead, go for a system that has small hardware and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. For example, such as a mobile-based app which can be used on the go!


Send instant notifications

Who would not like to have a regular update about their house? Most of the residents today expect to have more real-time notifications of all the tasks that happen in and around the community. Apps like MyGate provide real-time notifications to its users right from entries to the status of the complaint raised.


Comprehensive system

Unlike other software in the market which offers a single feature for a single purpose like only visitor system for managing the visitors or a staff management feature for managing the staff. Instead of using multiple systems for multiple purposes, go for a system that provides all the required features like one single comprehensive system.