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Underrated Food Vendors in London - Top Street Food Hotspots in the British Capital

Who says Bangkok is the world's street food capital? London is home to its fair share of fantastic street food vendors. Here's a rundown of some of the capital's best street food hubs.


Mike and Ollie

If there's a place to enjoy handmade flatbread made from organic ingredients and charred to perfection Mike and Ollie is the venue to beat. Although Ollie has long left the franchise, Mike still prepares excellent wraps with seasonal veggies serving as a delectable filling every day of the week. Complimented by apple and fig sauce that's prepared in-house, the side dishes which include braised lentils and grilled carrots make any meal at the locale an unforgettable experience.


Club Mexicana

In spite of its name, this is no ordinary burrito stand in London as Club Mexicana pulls out all the stops when it comes to surprisingly delicious street food items that are a cut above the Tex-Mex available in most street corners. The "cheeze" fries alone are worth the visit while vegan diners will find this food vendor the best options for a wholesome meal. Deep-fried tofu dishes and South American fare also reign supreme at Club Mexicana where fish tacos are also to die for and certainly defy many of the restaurants in Bayswater London and elsewhere.


The Borough

The notion that a healthy meal is not a delicious meal is debunked for good at London's most wholesome dining hotspot on the street aptly named The Borough. Employing locally sourced ingredients some of the biggest hits at The Borough include its lunchboxes dubbed Savage Salads. Featuring cauliflower with black beans seasoned with salsa verde, the queue outside the salad stand is a testimony of the popularity of this street food vendor. A better choice of salads awaits those who line up outside the venue as the meals prepared are far more satisfying than the salad bars at local supermarkets.


Burger Boy

When it comes to street food, a good burger joint is an absolute must and London's answer is the much toured Burger Boy. The cheeseburgers sold at Burger Boy surpass expectations with additional ingredients such as red onion and candy bacon while the tangy sauce dripped on top of the brioche bun's fillings before capping it off also gives the burgers their unique taste. The corn dogs available here are nothing to scoff at either while other hits with the locals include Mac 'n' cheese croquettes and black pudding.


Jake's Vegan Steaks

Steak without beef? What's this madness? Jake's Vegan Steaks will convert even the most sceptical diner into a believer if they chance upon the irresistible 'cheezesteak' the venue is famed for. Made using barbeques seitan or wheat protein, the dish is topped off with sriracha 'mayo', fried onions and peppers. Mushroom fanatics will love the fungi and truffle drizzled with béarnaise sauce while fries fans can dine on potato skins seasoned with thyme. Visitors based at Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel will find they are within close range of Jake's.


Taco Dave

Tourists in search of a taco to dig into during a sightseeing tour of London should look no further than Taco Dave for the best melt-in-your-mouth Mexican fare in town. Vegetarian taco lovers will also find much to write home about, as Taco Dave's halloumi topped with pomegranate molasses tacos defy all conventions to create a delicious treat.