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6 Food that is cooked by someone in front of you

If you are a foodie then you probably love exploring food, trying out different flavours and cuisines. When you get to see the process of how it is made your experience becomes even more exciting.



Witnessing Sushi being made is one of the most delightful things to do. Either on a television or at the Sushi bar the way it is made it absolutely exciting. You require a lot of patience when making sushi. Especially the Sushi rolls as they require steady hands and concentration in order to make that perfect roll that is bound together. If you are a sushi lover then seeing your food being prepared is bound to activate your saliva glands and then when you indulge in what you saw being created the experience is absolutely wonderful.


Teppanyaki food

Experiencing your food being made live is exciting. You know the process, you see the ingredients and it is a completely different experience than an open kitchen. Most teppanyaki restaurants are traditional and have a variation on their menu. There are trained chefs who have mastered the art and are able to put a good show while making the food that is requested. Waiting for the food to cool down a little it probably one of the most difficult tasks at Benihana Restaurant,Thailand because you know the food is delicious.


Street food

They say that if you want to taste authentic food in a country you have to go to a street food vendor. Street food vendors have been doing the same practice for many years, perhaps even for generations. They are not interested in developing the business to make it modern or exciting they are passionate about creating food that is loved by their customers. Most street food shops put on a display when preparing the food. In Thailand when you wait in front of the street food cart to give you your meat skewers you get to see how they are grilled in front of you and then dipped in that mouth-watering peanut sauce.


Fast Food

Fast food is yet another type of food that is made right in front of you. Burghers, fries, and drinks that are prepared and packed right in front of your eyes while you wait is one of the most popular live food operations that is available around the world. You get to see the quality, speed, and cleanliness of the place, the food and the servers so you can make a judgment about the quality of the food. The beauty of watching your food being made at a fast food chain is being able to say yes or no to certain things such as tomatoes, lettuce, and sauce if you do not want it in on your food.


Barbecues and Grills

Barbecues are also done in front of you while you wait. You get to see the process and if it is an exciting food that you haven't tried before, then being able to see the process is extremely enjoyable. Be at a house party or a restaurant being able to see the bright red charcoal and the food on the grill is very exciting.