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Berger Commercial Realty

Berger Commercial Realty is dedicated to the consistent delivery and execution of commercial real estate services while continually embracing the clients’ individual business goals.

About Us - Berger Commercial Realty

Berger Commercial Realty is dedicated to the consistent delivery and execution of commercial real estate services while continually embracing the clients’ individual business goals. We are rewarded by powerful and enduring relationships due directly to the level of service and benefits we offer to each client.

What Goes Into Good Property Management?

Hiring a property management company could be one of the best decision for your business. Property taxes and property laws differ state by state. The property management company provide services for both residential and commercial properties.

Benefits Of Using A Commercial Property Management Company In Florida

There are many benefits that of a commercial property management company can provide to you like taking care of responsibilities on your behalf and increasing the revenue and reduce headaches. Few Benefits are listed below as well:-

Here's Why You Should Work With An Experienced Palm Beach Commercial Broker

Searching and renting a good commercial space is a difficult job for every business owner, however, it can become a difficult task for those, who don't have any kind of experience and knowledge to make a right decision about their real estate needs.

There are thousands of warehouse spaces available for rent across the United States and there are likely dozens just in your area alone. A prime location can be very crucial for a business, and buying a piece of property in a key location might not be a possibility for you. Commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale is everywhere.

Berger Commercial Realty Brokers $2.35 Million Sale of Simon’s Sportswear Building in Miami

This building is especially attractive due to its location, Oxenberg said. Situated at the corner of N.E. 167th Street and N.E. 7th Ave., the property offers excellent accessibility, visibility and prominent building signage fronting N.E. 167th Street (State Road 826). This property is also located in a desirable path of change with several significant nearby retail redevelopment projects currently planned and underway.

What are CAM (common area maintenance) charges? - Berger Commercial

CAM charges are the cost that an owner pays to promote and run a commercial property. It stands for common area maintenance and is usually interchangeable with the term working expenses. This would include the common area maintenance, charges for cleaning up common areas, security for the property, property taxes, property insurance, repairs, and maintenance. These items are all paid by the owner and are sometimes passed through to a tenant.

Why Is Being A Commercial Real Estate Broker Popular in Palm Beach County?

As any residential and commercial real estate agent in Palm Beach County will tell you, there are many different types of properties and areas where you can choose from to buy a home or set up shop for your business. Palm Beach County has an area of 2,383 miles and a population of 1.4 million residents, setting up a business would be a good venture to make, especially if your business is one that attracts a lot of clients.

A lease rate is stated as $10.00 PSF. What does that mean?

$10 per square foot would be the annual rental rate for the space in question. What you would do you would take the size of the space, multiply it by the $10 per square foot, divide that by 12 and you'll have your monthly rent.

Important Ways You Can Reinvent Property Management

All eyes are looking to see where to go from here. Luckily, we’ve pulled together some ways that you can look at changing up property management to keep yourself relevant even in this career-changing adjustment. Take a look for yourself:
1. Make sure you understand how your audience is changing
2. Think outside of the box
3. Try digital look books

What is the Perfect Plan for Asset Management in Florida?

These are property level specialists that are more than equipped in executing sufficient property-level strategies. They want to ensure that these properties perform well, and if the right steps are put into place, then this is more than manageable.

The Facts:
1. Investment Asset
2. Real estate portfolios
3. Operations of managing your assets

Commercial Real Estate Broker Palm Beach | Commercial Space for Rent | Berger Commercial Realty

Whether you are looking to sell or lease office, industrial or retail property, we will help protect your economic interests and the value of your assets. We provide comprehensive leasing services designed to assist owners in optimizing the pricing of their vacant spaces. We also assist clients with asset disposition and customized due diligence programs.

The Top Five Reasons Why Florida Is One of the Most Attractive Real Estate Markets

According to business and investment analysis, there are three main factors that affect commercial and residential real estate, and these are the same reasons why Florida has been a state with positive growth in real estate: population, employment, and economy. Here are the top reasons why Florida is such an attractive market for commercial real estate.
1. Population
2. Economy

Top Strategies To Get Commercial Space for Rent in Florida

The options are virtually endless. There’s something for every business and destination. In order to pick the best commercial space, you’ll need to know precisely what you want. If you need help with choosing the right location. Here’s a short guide to help you get the best commercial space for rent:

  1. Adapt the selection to your needs
  2. Think about modifications
  3. Consider local infrastructure and taxes
Berger Commercial Realty Welcomes Jordan Beck as Sales Associate

Berger Commercial Realty Welcomes Sales Associate Jordan Beck. Jordan Beck has experience of more than 10 years in the sales field. Beck was recognized earlier by Vivint Solar, where he served as a district manager for the Tampa market and Beck was the company’s all-time top sales representative.

7 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Real Estate - Berger Commercial

The future in commercial real estate is very bright, but some people are a bit confused about the industry because of the misconception spread by the people. Here we have mentioned seven common misconceptions about commercial real estate.

  1. Commercial real estate will immediately make you wealthy
  2. There is little or no risk with commercial real estate
  3. Commercial real estate is easy to manage
Fundamentals About Palm Beach Commercial Real Estate

There are a lot of factors you'll need to pay attention to before signing the contract. Merely buying a building doesn't guarantee a return on your investment, and only having tenants doesn't make you a good investor. Right investors must have multiple investments in both Palm Beach office space for rent and Palm Beach commercial real estate to have a viable business.

CRE Expectations vs. Reality for 2020 and Beyond - Berger Commercial

Deloitte’s Uncharted Territory report projects commercial real estate (CRE) as an attractive investment option. With bond yields below and equities looking doubtful, investing in CRE makes more sense than ever before. To understand why we need to analyze the current state of the economy and the strength of CRE fundamentals.


Technology is changing the whole economy as we speak, and the same is true when it comes to Florida property management. Agents, landlords, investors, and property managers are all trying to implement new technology features into their projects and plans. The cloud sharing features make communication among tenants, managers and owners much easier, smart technology amenities change how we manage real estate portfolios and how clients interact with the properties.

Tenant Representation - Berger Commercial

Our team is also experienced in representing tenants who are renewing or restructuring existing leases. We skillfully review lease terms and deftly negotiate with landlords to maximize value on behalf of our clients.

Our tenant representation services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Thoroughly investigating space alternatives
  2. Analyzing financial commitments and running comparisons
  3. Strategically negotiating with landlords
Landlord Representation - Berger Commercial

Our firm has a proven track record of effectively and efficiently leasing office, industrial, and retail space while also protecting our clients’ economic interests and the value of their assets. Our brokers specializing in landlord representation are experts in raising occupancy rates of commercial properties across the board, consistently fulfilling and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Know the Qualities of Having a Good Property

It also shows that you know how to make your space work, too, in a subtle and professional way. Making a misstep can sometimes be a big one, even if it doesn't seen it. When looking at making the base tout of Florida property management, know exactly what that means and focus on protecting yourself and your investment by using these tips to help you start off in the right way.

Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For Office Spaces

Fort Lauderdale presents a wonderful place to start a business. As a location, it is close to Miami and other central business hubs. Finding an office space for rent in Fort Lauderdale should be incredibly easy to find. Adhering to these tips when selecting the place of your business will place you in a great position, especially for the future.

5 Reasons Florida is One of the Most Attractive Commercial Real Estate Markets

Many economic indicators place Florida’s economy as one of the strongest and most resilient in the USA. This creates fertile conditions for a booming real estate market. Florida is a vital hub for international trade. About 40% of all trade between North and South America flows through Florida. Its geographic location is an obvious reason.

How To Improve Your Real Property Management Strategy

Pay attention to any details that are broken or defective: broken lights, stained siding, broken windows, unkempt landscaping and so on. These are small details, but they make all the difference. Whenever they are wrong, your clients will see it and you will lose a lot of money. Good real property management is about paying attention to details and finding a solution to any problem.