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5 Benefits of Living in an Apartment - Top 5 Reasons Why Apartment Living is Advantageous

Although traditional households have long been favoured as the ideal living space, apartments are fast gaining traction in the real estate market. Here are 5 advantages of choosing an apartment dwelling.


No Mortgages and Less Responsibility

One of the main benefits of renting an apartment over buying a house is that high mortgage payments are no longer part of the equation. Rent in various apartment complexes cost significantly less than the monthly mortgage of a conventional home, which means apartment residents can save more and spend less for their digs. As an apartment building belongs to the landlord, most of the upkeep and issues regarding the structure as well as its well being are the responsibility of the landlord. Renters can simply move from one apartment compound to another when it suits them which makes apartments a more attractive option overall.


Ease of Accessibility

Unlike suburban homes and even single dwelling traditional households, apartments are almost always located in highly convenient parts of any neighbourhood or city. Whether it's TRI-ZEN or any of the many other apartments in Colombo, the location of all apartment complexes are based on the ease of accessibility to shops, supermarkets, tourist highlights, transport options and even schools on offer. Renters can rest assured that the best each city or town has to offer is within a stone's throw away from its apartment buildings.


Low Maintenance

One of the most costly and emotionally draining aspects of home ownership is the constant barrage of maintenance issues that crop up over the course of the year. Whether it's plumbing issues, electrical malfunctions or water supply, homeowners must see to repairing the same with their own funds and time. The very same aspects fall under the purview of landowners or building managers in an apartment setting as the upkeep and maintenance of basic necessities such as electricity, water, air conditions and the function of various appliances are their responsibility.


Built-In Amenities

Homes with swimming pools and gymnasiums or tennis courts surely exist but such homes typically belong to the 1% and affluent or wealthy members of society with the means to build their own dream household. The remaining population must rely on public pools and paid-gym memberships to get by unless they happen to live in an apartment. Even the most austere apartment building includes at least a handful of recreational facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, playgrounds and a community centre while those built in recent times even include private theatres and other high-end leisure facilities. The built-in perks are not restricted to recreational hotspots either as Laundromats, convenience stores or mini-supermarkets are also part of the landscape of most apartment compounds.


Better Security

College students, first-time renters and single females in the workforce may find that apartment dwelling is also the safest option for their particular status in society. Homeowners must have the means to invest in security systems and unless one has installed the best security system money can buy; the safety provided cannot be equated to that of security personnel on the ground. Most apartment complexes have at least one security guard and CCTV cameras set up to detect any outsiders entering the premises. These safety measures are a cut above what one can hope to receive in a suburban neighbourhood and it is by far one of the best advantageous in these volatile times.