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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 26, 2019
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7 must-try local dishes from Singapore – Tantalise your taste-buds in Singapore

Singapore is an exciting city not just for the explorers but also for the foodies as there are so many exciting flavours and dishes to try.


Hainanese chicken rice

If you have travelled to other South-East Asian countries then you are well aware that chicken rice is quite popular in Malaysia, Thailand and even Sri Lanka. The Hainanese chicken rice that you come across in Singapore is nothing like any of the other dishes though. The special fact about this meal is that the rice is prepared with the chicken broth that was used to boil the chicken. The chicken is them marinated in a mouth-watering sauce before it is fried and then served with the rice.


Bak Chor Mee

Bak Chor Mee is a dish that is unique to Singapore. Traditional food gets a new touch at street food stalls so that they can interest foreigners who are not keen on trying exotic food. The authentic Bak Chor Mee is served with noodles, minced meat, liver, and mushrooms. You will also get a spicy sauce or a chilli paste to accompany the dish. This is available in most street food stalls in Singapore.


Hokkien Mee

This is undoubtedly one of the unhealthiest dishes available in Singapore mainly due to the reason that each and every ingredient is fried or deep fried in order to make the dish mouth-watering and delightful. The dish consists of fried noodles and prawns accompanied with a piece of lime for those who like a sour taste.


Soft Boiled Eggs and Kaya Toast

Kaya toast is officially one of the most delightful breakfasts in Singapore. Bread is toasted on the grill and a delightful spread which is made with coconut and eggs known as Kaya is spread on the toasted bread. Some have the bread on its own but some add soft boiled eggs and a bit of soy sauce onto the toast. There are many restaurants around Destination Singapore Beach Road that serve a great Kaya Toast. Kaya toast is a commonly seen breakfast at most Singaporean households but you can have it as a tea time snack as well.



Laksa is not originally from Singapore but they have developed it with their own style and flavours. Laksa consists of rice noodles cooked with curry flavoured gravy and coconut milk then topped with prawns, sliced fish cake and onions. The gravy or the soup in the Laksa dish is the winner as it is thick gravy which is full of flavour. You can make the dish extra spicy by adding sauce and chilli paste to your liking.


Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is originally a Malaysian dish but with time Singapore has developed it to their own flavours and liking. The rice which is made with coconut milk and pandan leaves gives a delightful aroma allowing you to indulge with the sense of smell before you taste. The rice is accompanied with several other delightful treats such as deep-fried Ikan Kuning which is a small fish, boiled egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber along with their spicy chilli paste or chutney.


Fried Carrot Cake

Carrot is actually radish in Mandarin so you won't find any carrot in this particular cake. The grated radish is added to the mixture of flour, water, and salt and then steamed. They are then cut into small pieces and pan-fried with eggs, butter, and radish chutney.

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