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8 Things you didn't know about Mirissa – The wonderland of the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka!

Located in the Southern Province in the district of Matara – essentially, the coastal belt of the Island nation of Sri Lanka, Mirissa might be a small town in size but certainly holds some spectacular attractions. Some people think of just the beaches, but there's so much more!!


The History

Mirissa is more than just its beaches and holds a vast history within its boundaries. For example, Mirissa is Sri Lanka's largest fishing port in the South. It has been one of Sri Lanka's major tourist destinations since the 1980s. It rose from the disastrous Tsunami that struck the island in 2004 – as a coastal town, Mirissa was hit hard – to become a prime tourist spot in the country.


The Beaches

No one in their right mind would talk about Mirissa without mentioning the beaches that are to die for!! Considering that it is located in a spot where the island curves, the beach itself is crescent shaped and is surrounded by waters that are that wonderful turquoise colour that only the tropics have. Whether it's surfing or diving or snorkelling, Mirissa has it all covered.


The Secrets

On top of the wonderful beach at Mirissa, the town also hides little gems in its midst – like the Secret Beach of Mirissa. A little further away from the main beach and perhaps a little inaccessible, compared to the main beach it is not as crowded as the main beach and not as much a secret anymore, but worth the trouble getting there.


The Cuisine

Sri Lanka offers beach villas in Mirissa that provide you with wide-ranging international cuisine like Ubuntu Beach Villas and many more. So, the cuisine itself is varied in the city. But if you want the authentic flavour of Sri Lankan cuisine, especially dishes that come from the south, don't forget to try the seafood. Fresh from the ocean and cooked to perfection, paired with Rotis, Kottus or Rice is nothing short of a meal fit for royalty. Don't forget to try the coconut-based dishes and beverages too!


The View

Mirissa might be only 13ft above the ground, but the view from its viewpoints are no less breathtaking for it.
• The Parrot Rock Point – a rocky outcrop hill situated a short distance away from the Mirissa beach that one has to wade through the ocean to get to the bottom of. Roughly hewn steps, rustic and raw will take you to a view that is out of this world.
• The Coconut Hill Point – a small hill with – you guessed it, coconut trees on it, just a 15 minutes' walk from the Mirissa beach, is the locale's tie tested location for the best view of the sunset. What more needs to be said?


The Whales

Mirissa wouldn't be the destination it is today without the whale watching that you can do there. The tropical waters surrounding the island are traditional breeding grounds for whales and dolphins alike. Mirissa is well known as a location to spot elusive blue whales along with sperm whales, killer whales and of course schools upon schools of dolphins!! So strap in to watch the beauty of a whale cresting the bluest of waters!


The Watersports

Mirissa offers so much for the thrill-seeker, especially in watersports. Surfing and diving are two activities that have been a part of the Mirissa scene for a long time. Surfing takes up the bigger portion of the water sports scene at Mirissa with some diving. But Mirissa also has some spots with shallow waters and marine life that makes them ideal for snorkelling and glass-bottomed boat rides.


The Budgets friendly options

Many things in Mirissa can be found at budget prices – given that it is a popular destination, this is nothing to be surprised about. Travel, accommodation, food and everything under the sun you can think of, that you may need can be found at budget prices. The time period between December and March is the best time to be visiting Mirissa, avoiding its monsoon seasons which hit April onwards.

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