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Best Sri Lankan Herbs for Brain Health – Maintain your Mind

The threat of acquiring illnesses such as Parkinson and Alzheimer's disease is on the rise amongst today's modern society, yet simple Sri Lankan Ayurveda treatments with herbs, are known to offer brain health. Listed below are a few examples.


Colourful Saffron

Yes, this simple herb offers a range of health benefits; Saffron scientifically called Crocus Sativus is widely grown in many parts of the world including China, Greece, Spain, France, and Iran as well as Kashmir. The variety called 'Turmeric' or Indian Saffron Curcuma Longa is very popular in many healing treatments offered in Ayurveda. Sri Lanka herbal remedies use this herb in a range of remedies. The rhizome of this plant is used as an ingredient in medicinal preparations while the powder form is used in the preparation of curries in many a Sri Lankan dish. A practice thought to be the cause of only a 2% rate of neurodegenerative disease amongst Asian's. Hence, a successful Sri Lanka Ayurveda program offered at Heritance Ayurveda Mahagedara and others will include meals cooked with these herbs as well as treatments.


The Little Blue Flower

This little blue flower is a valuable ingredient; known as Evolvulus Alsinodes, this plant grows widely in Sri Lanka, the Philippine's and India. The entire plant is used for medicinal purposes and is noted for its ability to curb neurodegeneration.


Sweet Flag

This herb is called sweet flag and cinnamon sedge, and more appropriately Acorus Calamus. Cultivated around Sri Lanka and also India, Europe, China, North America, Japan, and the Philippines it is the rhizome or root stock, of the plant that's used for creating herbal remedies.



Jatamansa also known as Spikenard does not grow in abundance and most often found in the Himalayan region. A very popular ingredient in Sri Lankan herbal treatments, the plant's rhizome is the contributory ingredients highly cherished for its ability to curb neurodegenerative diseases.


Yastimadu or Liquorice

This herb is known to increase blood circulation offering a boost to brain function. The use of the herb has been known to offer benefits to Dementia patients and increase memory. The root is dried and then ground to form a powder which is then mixed with milk and had as a drink.


Guduchi the Antioxidant

This herb has many medicinal benefits. Its main function as a memory booster in lauded while additional healing properties include; having anti-malaria and anti-stress benefits. Cells are protected from damage due to high contents of copper and zinc found in the herb, which transform into antioxidants to fight against oxygen radicals. The herb is used in starch form or as a powder.


Pretty Shankapushpi

A herb widely seen in Sri Lanka, Shankapushpi is used to improve concentration and memory while being a great stress reliever as it has properties to calm the nerves. The herb when taken controls your body's production of stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline.