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Top 5 Reasons why you should make a trip to Shenzhen - An Entrancing City

The dynamic city of Shenzhen is regarded as being a major commercial and financial hub in China. You will also find a myriad of interesting tourist attractions in this vibrant city.


Splendid China and Folk Culture Villages

These two attractions located in the environs of Shenzhen were integrated in the year 2003. Today this splendid cultural highlight is regarded as being one of the world's biggest miniature parks, featuring nearly 100 well-known tourist highlights from throughout China as well as 25 engrossing villages representing various ethnic groups in China. Splendid China offers a host of renowned places of interest including various scenic and historical attractions from across this vast country. On the other hand, Folk Culture Villages contains an array of meticulously reproduced villages representing the many fascinating peoples to be found in China. In addition to admiring the dwellings of these people, you will also have the opportunity to observe their various engrossing festivals.


The window of the World

The remarkable attraction in Shenzhen known as Window of the World is sure to capture the imagination of the culture lover. At this one of a kind theme park, you will have the chance to observe miniature scale reproductions of some of the world's best known and most interesting attractions. Sites from Europe include such well-known highlights as features to be found in the always fascinating city of Athens in addition to the Tower of London, the Colosseum in Rome and the leaning tower of Pisa. Well-known features from Asia include Cambodia's Angkor Wat and India's Taj Mahal. Other continents like the Americas and Africa are also featured at this splendid attraction.


Shenzhen Happy Valley

The popular Shenzhen Happy Valley is an expansive modern amusement park that offers a myriad of attractions for both adults as well as children. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a host of exciting and enjoyable rides and other experiences here that are sure to capture the interest of the fun-loving visitor. Visitors will see that this park has been divided into a number of themed areas, including Cartoon City, Spanish Square, Gold Mine Town, Mt. Adventure, Sunshine Beach, Shangri-La Woods and much more. A highlight at this theme park is Typhoon Bay where you will have the opportunity to experience thrilling rides such as 'Top Spin' and 'Shooting the Chute'.


Shenzen Safari Park

Animal lovers are sure to be enthralled by the attractively laid out Shenzhen Safari Park. Here you will have the opportunity to admire a variety of interesting animals from around the world; there are as many as 10,000 individual creatures at this captivating attraction. At the Wild Beasts Zone, you will be able to observe magnificent creatures like Siberian tigers, white tigers, wolves, bears, lions and leopards. Other zones at this distinctive safari park include the Herbivorous Animals Zone and Ocean World. A choice of accommodation that you can consider from where these attractions can be conveniently visited would be a well-placed accommodation in Shenzhen China such as the centrally located Ascott Raffles City Shenzhen.


Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Scenic Area

These two beaches in the environs of Shenzhen are sure to capture the imagination of the discerning leisure seeker. These beaches are well-known as popular places for relaxing and spending quality leisure time; for innumerable years the residents of the region have visited these beaches in order to spend leisure hours. Of these Xiaomeisha is a picturesque location which is bordered by verdant mountains on three of its sides, with the sea framing the other. On the other hand, Dameisha boasts the most extensive beach in the area, featuring soft fine sands and shimmering waters.