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6 Top Reasons to visit Sri Lanka - Roaming the land like no other

If you plan to ask what Sri Lanka has to offer, be ready to change the question into otherwise. Ask what the country has not got to offer. Sri Lanka has a great variety of excitements for its visitors.


Cultural triangle

Sri Lanka enjoys a covetously long history. And its culture is heavily linked with Buddhism. As a result, you can spot quite a lot of Buddhist elements as a major part of cultural locations. The Buddhist elements include temples, sculptures, stupas and a great number of olden-day monasteries. Some of the monasteries could be dated back to the origin of Buddhism itself: over 2000 years ago. So, roaming in the cultural triangle, you can see how an ancient civilization existed, flourished and slowly diminishes with the advent of the modernity. Sri Lanka's culture could easily be traced if you look at how kingdoms evolved from Anuradhapura to Kotte, Kandy and finally postcolonial Colombo environs. The cultural triangle has museums which showcase ancient monolithic rock formations as evidence of the ancient civilization of the country.


Wildlife safari

Sri Lanka is a country full of paradoxes and surprises. Spend a day or two roaming with their culture, and you could be on board for a new experience within the next few days. That phenomenon has magnetized the country to various travellers. So, if you have a passion for a wildlife tour, then, by all means, you have come simply to the right country. You can opt for a Sri Lanka holiday tours provided by tour agents like Silvertree Travel and ready yourself for a thrilling experience of wildlife safari. The wildlife safari will make you familiar with the tropical flora and fauna; some of which you have never even dreamt of the sighting.


Visiting Veddahs

Veddahs are the Aborigines of Sri Lanka. They are the living evidence of a civilization that existed much before the 5th century BC. Visiting them could be a new experience as they still retain their aboriginal features.


Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning is a relatively new experience to Sri Lanka. But the country is well suited for the experience, as you get the opportunity to fly slowly in a birdy rhythm with the entire natural scenery under your eyes. The balloon will slowly take you around a certain region and offer you a memorable encounter. The balloons operate from the north central plains, and you will be flying over paddy fields and other luxurious greenery.


Adam's Peak

One word of caution before climbing the peak: it's easier said than done. The holy mountain is about 7360 ft and would take approximately five hours to climb if you take the traditional route. Although the climb could be somewhat a tiresome one, it promises the climber's thrill too. If you choose the season, starting in December, you will be in for a totally different experience. The route is brimming with stalls that will feed you throughout the climb.



Caving is an experience to treasure. And Sri Lanka is a paradise when it comes to caving. Although the country is full of caves, the activity of caving is somewhat new experience. Mainstream caves are located in Ritigala Mountain, Batatotalena at sudugala and Belilena in Kithulgala. These caves have their own names.