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Top cuisines to try in Shenzhen - Enjoy the Delightful Dishes of China

When in Shenzhen, sample the cuisine in style and do not miss delights such as Yangrou Paomo, Liangpi, Roujiamo, and Fenzhengrou – delicious dishes found here.


Shiliuzhi: Pomegranate Juice

Found at practically every street corner, the drink known as Shiliuzhi is a welcoming drink after a stroll around the city. Shiliuzhi, also known as Pomegranate juice, is usually found during the autumn months because Pomegranate usually grows in abundance during this season.


Paomo: Crumbled Flatbread in a Mutton Stew

Known in short as 'Paomo', this particular dish is well known. It is also considered a speciality dish in Shaanxi cuisine. The origins of this dish can be traced back to a legend, which tells a tale about the founding emperor of the Song dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin. The emperor is said to have consumed all of his food during his return to his hometown and was said to be in possession of only two pieces of very hard bread. Therefore, those travelling with him were said to have gone to a shop that sold lamb soup, taken apart the hard bread into small pieces, and added to the soup. The emperor is said to have been delighted with the dish and is said to have called it 'lamb paomo'. The city of Shenzhen, on the other hand, is well known for 'yangrou paomo', which includes a mutton stew instead of a lamb soup.


Liangpi: Cold Noodles

This cold noodle dish is known in the streets as 'Liangpi'. It is prepared by taking rice noodles, which have been very thinly sliced, cooking it and allowing it to cool. After it cools, a number of spices and sauces such as chilli oil, vinegar, garlic, and pepper are added to the noodles to make it spicy. This dish, along with its famous accompaniment, Roujiamo, can be sampled at a restaurant, which caters to Chinese cuisine such as eateries near Ascott Maillen Shenzhen. As a result, it is quite easy to find this dish in any restaurant close to apartments in Shenzhen.


Roujiamo: Meat Burger

Rou jia mo means 'meat sandwich' and therefore, this particular dish is known as a 'meat burger' in the streets. It is often paired with cold noodles. This particular dish is a well-known street food dish with its roots being traced back to the cuisine of the Province known as Shaanxi. However, at present, Roujiamo is a dish that is well known and consumed across China. In order to prepare this meat sandwich, selected meat (pork is the most used meat) is stewed in a concoction which contains over twenty different types of spices for several hours. The spices infuse the meat with an intense flavour, which has become characteristic of the Roujiamo. The Roujiamo is found across the city and is prepared with delicious meat and crispy bread. The bread is prepared using a furnace and this gives the bread a nice roasted quality.


Fenzhengrou: Steamed Beef and Wheat Powder

This particular dish can be smelled from afar, as the aroma of the dish is quite intense and fragrant. Fenzhengrou is prepared using over twenty herbs and it takes over seven hours to prepare. It is said that many locals no longer prepare Fenzhengrou because the preparation period is so long.