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Sunbathing tips - To adhere to for healthy tanning!

As soon as summer starts, everyone heads out to the beach, mostly to relax and sunbathe. Although there are several benefits to sunbathing, there are certain bad effects too, which includes skin cancer and premature skin ageing. To avoids these ill effects, stick to these tips.


Avoid Sunbeds

Some spas and salons advertise themselves by saying they can give you a healthy tan via a sunbed. Do not fall for this myth. These beds, in fact, pump a lot of UVA, where there is no UVB at all which is required in the stimulation of Vitamin D production. And as such, you can increase your chance of attaining skin cancer by a drastic 75%.


Applying sunscreen

Sunscreen will also help you from the ill effects of sunbathing. When choosing your sunscreen, watch out for the words 'broad spectrum' and 'high'. Also, look out for the UVA logo. Always opt for SPF 30 and not SPF 50. SPF 30 can filter about 97% of the UVB rays. SPF 50 can make you look chalky. This will give you false confidence of still having your sunscreen on and you will not be re-applying every two hours as you should. Having said that, for darker skin an SPF 15 sunscreen will be sufficient. So, make sure to bring your sunscreen along with you, the next time you go on a beach holiday. For instance, if you are looking for an ideal tropical destination you can check out Sri Lanka. For accommodation, you can take a look at Ahungalla hotels, the likes of Heritance Ahungalla, for a good experience.


Tanning times

There is only a certain amount of time the skin can produce melanin. Even if you lounge in the pool area or the beach all day long, you won't be tanning after some point, as you have reached the cut-off. If you are light skinned, your cut-off time will be about 3 hours or less than that.



Healthy tanning requires that you take breaks from sunbathing from time to time. This will reduce the intensity of UV and the risk of getting sunburnt. This means you can have a healthy tan that will last much longer. Always opt for the shade after some time.


Supplements instead of tan creams

There are several creams in the market that promise to accelerate your tanning process. However, experts say this is not true. There is no such thing that can improve melanin production in your skin. By taking supplements like beta carotene daily, you can achieve this. The supplement will boost the protective barrier of your skin against UV which will help you tan better.



There are certain foods that are 'sun friendly'. These foods can increase lycopene which is your own SPF. Certain anti-oxidants in tomatoes and vegetables and fruits that are orange or red in colour, can increase sun protection by 33%. Other food and drinks you can incorporate in your meals include green tea, dark chocolate and caffeine.



Another tip you can try out before your big sunbathing day is to try spray tanning at home. This will ensure that you don't feel insecure about your skin tone on that day. Spray tans are a perfect way for the big reveal on your sunbathing day. These can be easily purchased in a drugstore.