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List of Reasons a Villa is Better for a Family Vacation than a Hotel

While a hotel is the traditional accommodation choice for family holidays, villas are the better option for a getaway with children. Here are some of the top reasons why a villa is an ideal choice.


You Make the House Rules

One of the main benefits of holidaying in a villa is that unlike a hotel, families can make their own rules without adhering to the hotel policies set up by the accommodation provider. From simple decisions and conditions such as determining when to have breakfast and when to opt out of a hotel meal and venture out to a local restaurant, villa accommodation offers greater flexibility as there is no need to stick to buffet open and close times. Even certain activities and things to do in hotels are determined by the availability as well as the timing preferences that suit a majority of guests. A villa stay is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a tailor-made getaway.


Better and More Secure Location

Hotel locations vary depending on the destination but one thing all hotels have in common is a central location in an easy to reach area of town. Villas, on the other hand are located in more secluded areas, far from the hustle and bustle of the city or nearest town where one can expect to look out of the window and not see another building/housing complex or midday traffic staring back. All in all, the tranquil location of a resort villa provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for a stress-free holiday with children.


A Home Away of Home

Most villa dwellings are also designed to replicate a household or family home with a separate living area/ entertainment area or dining hub and even private terraces or swimming pools thrown into the mix. Hotel accommodation is sombre and strictly functional in comparison as only key amenities such as beds, cupboards, a television and a balcony make up the interiors of the room which is divided by a thin wall from similar guestrooms with other tourists. Villas provide the private and homey environment lacking from even the most high-end luxury hotels as the space and room to breathe are hard to beat.


Personalized Dining Experience

Holiday villas in Sri Lanka whether it's a venue such as VC Villas or any of the countless others are also known to provide bespoke dining experiences. While some villas would go so far as to offer a private chef to prepare the meals for the family, others will provide extensive menus and other dining options which the family can enjoy outside on the terrace, by the pool or by the beach. Paying close attention to specific dietary needs of each member of the family, those who are vegetarian, vegan or lactose intolerant may find villas are more likely to provide a less generic dining experience which puts control firmly in the hands of the guests. Although certain hotels offer kid's menus, they are few and far between whereas villa chefs are adept to creating special meals for picky eaters whether it's the kiddies or the adult members of the travel group.


Other Perks

One of the most tedious and tiresome aspects of a vacation is the large quantities of laundry one must wash, fold and iron after the fact. Villas eliminate the need to spend days on laundry duty by providing a washing machine and a dryer so that families can pack less, wash and dry their clothes as they are worn and organize their luggage with freshly washed clothing instead of dirty laundry bags. Hotel laundry services are highly costly and include service taxes in comparison.