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Updated by J.R. Williams on Jul 30, 2019
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9 Hacking Incidents That Will Shock You!

Almost every day now, you hear of someone or a company being hacked for ethical or malicious purposes. We've compiled a list of recent hacking incidents that will shock you!


The Equifax Data Breach

In 2017, the personal information of 143 million Americans was exposed, risking those people to identity theft.

LabCorp & Quest Hacked

A day after Quest Diagnostics said its customers' data has potentially been compromised, rival LabCorp said its patients' personal information may have been exposed too.

T-Mobile Hacked

Back in 2017, a bug exposed T-Mobile customers’ email addresses, their billing account numbers, and the phone’s IMSI numbers. This enabled hackers to customers' accounts.

Chinese Spies Used Microchips To Hack Major U.S. Companies

In October of 2018, it was revealed that Chinese spies inserted microchips into servers used by major U.S. companies including Amazon and Apple in order to hack them.

The Marriott Data Breach

Marriott International says that a breach of its Starwood guest reservation database exposed the personal information of up to 500 million people.

Adult Friend Finder Hack

A massive data breach targeting adult dating and entertainment company Friend Finder Network has exposed more than 412 million accounts.

The hack includes 339 million accounts from, which the company describes as the "world's largest sex and swinger community."

California High School Hacker Changes Grades

A California teenager was charged in 2018 with 14 felony counts for hacking into his school’s computer system via a phishing scheme in order to change his grades.

Phone Call Espionage: ‘Operation Softcell’ Hacked Cell Phone Providers

Cybereason, a security research firm, just announced that they’ve uncovered a call espionage scheme that has been going on for the last 7 years. The scheme, which is being called ‘Operation Softcell’, involved unknown hackers breaking into 10+ cell phone provider networks in order to steal call detail records (CDRs). So far, it seems the group has been targeting specific individuals of interest, possibly Government officials.

Capital One Data Breach

100+ million people, 140,000 SSNs, and 80,000 bank account numbers were compromised from the Capital One Data Breach. Their cloud server was hacked by Paige Thomas, a Software Engineer who used to work for AWS. She was arrested by the FBI for computer fraud and abuse.