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Consulting Services in India

Goods & Services Tax (GST) in India - EY India

EY India explains all about Goods & Services Tax (GST) and its Implementation in India. Read in detail about the breakup of the GST rates, impact on business and benefits of GST. Visit the website to know more.

Tax Policy in India & Tax Litigation - EY India

EY India's specialists help businesses by working with them on sensitive tax disputes and tax policies. The tax controversy network at EY India is built to help businesses prevent, manage and resolve their tax controversy issues. Visit the website to know more.

Artificial Intelligence Advisory Services by EY India

EY aims to help businesses by providing services related to is helping clients to realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence for a better, smarter and faster workplace and to use technology efficiently. Visit the website to know more.

Experts at EY India Provide International Tax Planning Advisory Services

EY India provides consultancy services related to international tax planning. Tax professionals take on their clients' tax issues and provide consultancy on ways to deal with tax burden for improved results. Visit the website for more solutions.

Consulting Services for Private Equity - EY India

EY India provides the latest Private Equity(PE) round up reports best suited for Private Equity firms that are looking out for operational excellence. EY India also provides private equity consulting services to overcome obstacles and grab new opportunities. Visit website for complete report.

Cognitive Automation Consultancy Solutions by EY India Experts

EY India provides cognitive automation consultancy solutions to firms and help them build strategies for continuous improvement and innovation. Know more by visiting the website.

Cyber Security Consulting Services - EY India

Cyber Security Consulting Services by EY India helps organizations with important data protection and provide safety against cyber theft. Visit website and explore their services in detail.

Internal Audit Solutions by Professionals at EY India

In order for business organizations to gain cost efficiency, EY India provides consultation regarding Internal audit and strategy building. EY India has its own Variable Cost Model with services like governance improvement, ways to manage risks, etc. Visit the website to learn more.

EY India Services Related to Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy services by EY India is helpful for organizations looking for relationship building and increasing customer loyalty in turn giving positive results like consistency in growth & better performance. Visit the website to know more.

Industry-wide Digital Disruption & Innovation by EY India

EY India's professionals help industry-wide clients cope with digital disruption and digital innovation. Professionals support them through their transformational journeys. Visit the website to read in detail.

Factory of the Future - Supply Chain Consulting by EY India

Supply chain consulting services by EY India helps organizations to recognize and invest in the correct operating models. To learn more about supply chain consulting services visit the website.

Consultancy Services for Transfer Pricing by EY India

EY India provides consultancy services for transfer pricing by deploying professionals that guide firms to build, manage, document, review and defend their transfer pricing policies and processes. They do this by also being in sync with their current business strategy. Visit the website to know more.

EY India Provides An Overview of IFRS Standards Projects

EY India provides an overview of IFRS Standards relating to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Visit the website to read in detail about IFRS Standards.

EY India Explains Ind AS 115 applicability

In case there are business firms looking to apply Ind AS 115 Standards in a phased manner, EY India explains it clearly on their website. Know the entire process in detail.

Due Diligence & Transaction Support Services - EY India

Due Diligence and Transaction Support Services by EY India help organizations in different business challenges, for eg. leveraging opportunities in the market, or stressed business situations, etc. Visit the website to know more.

Survey by EY India on Non-Performing Assets (NPA) Issues

Gain an insight into Non-Performing Assets (NPA) in India - a survey conducted by EY India. It highlights the issues related to increasing NPAs in corporate loans. Visit the website to learn about the key findings.

EY India Provides Forensic Services for Fraud Investigation

EY India professionals help big firms with issues related to forensic services for fraud investigation by use of leading technology. They touch on major issues such as fraud, bribery and corruption, cyber crime, etc. Visit website to know the key points to protect your business operations.

IPO Advisory Services Explained Clearly by EY India

Learn all about IPO Advisory Services explained in detail by EY India with their 8 box model. Visit the website to know more about IPO Offerings as well in detail.

Technology Consulting Services by EY India

Technology Consulting services by EY India help organizations that are facing issues in the technology industry related to assurance, tax, transaction and advisory. Visit the website to know more.

Activities Related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by EY India

Learn about the Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR) activities that EY India has been involved in. They have delved in various sectors like women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and environment across all regions in India. Know more by visiting the website.

EY India Explains Roles and Responsibilities of CFO

Read about the roles and responsibilities of CFO in detail explained clearly by EY India. These insights are beneficial for CFOs and financial leaders. Explore the website for further insights.

Retail Sector in India and Its Transformational Journey - EY India

EY India helps organizations related to the retail sector in India. Experts provide services that help firms drive value from digital marketing spend; effective deployment of talent covering all markets. Visit website to know more.

Focus on Base Erosion & Profit Shifting(BEPS) in India Explained by EY India

Visit EY India website to know in detail about India Focus on BEPS and how firms will have to consider potential BEPS and its effect into current tax planning and plan various situations for its application.

Software Asset Management Consulting Services by EY India's Experts

Experts at EY India provide software asset management consulting services. They assist firms by coming up with answers to grave problems by capitalizing on opportunities, compliance management and assistance with security-related concerns within their IT setup. Know more by visiting the website.

'EY India Hosts 'Entrepreneur Of The Year' Awards

'EY India hosts 'Entrepreneur Of The Year' business awards to encourage employees and motivate them to do better. Its aim is to celebrate the quick expansion of business owners in India. Learn more by visiting the website.