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11 Tips And Tools To Choose The Best Domain Name

11 essential tips and tools which will help you to choose the best domain name for your business.


Try To Get .com Domain

Try To Get .com Domain

There are a lot of domain extensions beside .com domain which are .net, .org, .pizza, .blog and even .photography. We always recommend to take .com domain. Though there are many extensions are available, .com domain is more credible and established domain extension till now.

New domain extensions .photography or .ninja are considered untrustworthy for the visitors. Because visitors are habituated with using .com at the last of the brand name. So always try to get .com domain extension.


Try To Use Keywords In Your Domain Name

Keywords always play a significant role in a domain name. When keywords will be available in your domain name, search engines can easily define the category of your website. If the quality contents are available in your website, your website will get a good ranking fast in the search engines.

It would be tough for you to find a good domain name based on your required keywords. But you have to make a combination of words to find a good domain name for your business.


Always Choose Short Domain Name

Keywords are always important at the time of choosing your domain name. But you have to be careful always so that you can keep your domain name short.

We recommend that your domain name should not have more than 15 characters. Because long domain name will be harder for the visitors to remember. Thus long domain name will lose traffic. So try to keep your domain name short.


Pronunciation And Spelling of Your Domain

Your domain name must be user friendly both for speaking and writing. So the pronunciation and spelling of your domain name must be easier. It’s important not only for sharing your website but also for your business mail. So be conscious always regarding pronunciation and spelling of your domain.


Choose Unique And Brandable Domain Name

Always try to choose a domain name which is brandable. Because brandable domain name is easy to remember for the visitors.

For example, is so much brandable than


Hyphens Should Be Avoided

Always avoid hyphens in domain name. Because hyphenated domain can be considered as spam. Besides visitors will perceive that your desired domain was not available and you used hyphens to make it available.


Double Letters Should Be Avoided

It’s important to avoid double letters in your domain name. Because it’ll make your domain name clumsy and confusional.

For example, will not be popular enough. So try to avoid double letters in your domain name and make it more brandable.


Scope For Expanding

Always choose a domain name belongs to your niche. Try to find a domain name where you can work expandly. Suppose you are blogging regarding car. So choosing will not be right choice. Try to find out a domain where you can blogging with different branded cars rather blogging with one brand only.


Research Your Domain Name

When you are searching for a domain name, you should search for the registered trademark based on that domain name. Trademark search will help you to find out the companies which are trademarked based on your keywords.


Use Domain Name Generator

You can use domain name generator which will generate different types of ideas for your domain. Domain name generator is a free tool by which you will get a huge amount of domain name ideas according to your keywords.


Act Fast Before Someone Takes The Domain Name

Daily thousands of domain names are registered all over the world. Suppose you have chosen a domain name to register after researching a lot. You have to take that domain as fast as you can since anyone can register that domain anytime from anywhere.

Domain registration in Bangladesh has also become popular. Bangladeshi business owners are searching for their desired domain names online. So the demand of bd domain has increased as well. The business owners as well as other people who need websites can follow the above tips and tools to get their desired domain names.