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Updated by Aditya Khanna on Jun 25, 2019
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How to Make an Effective SEO Strategy?

SEO is essential for every business and without it; one can’t create their effective online presence. There are common SEO tactics that each company use to ascend the ladder of search engine ranking still; the methods of performing similar SEO tasks differ from company to company.


Step 1: Get an Honest Feedback of your Website

Initially, you should get honest feedback about your website from a trustworthy person. How your website looks, what is missing in it, and how is the user experience? You can get true feedback about all these things through a third person only. An experienced person like a SEO expert can give you better advice.


Step 2: Identify your SEO Goals

Step 2: Identify your SEO Goals

Goal setting is essential to create an effective SEO strategy. These goals will help you in finding accurate tactics to achieve them, and you can also measure the success of your strategy by evaluating how many of these goals are achieved through it. You should jot down the areas on which you will be focusing. It could be anything like traffic, links, bounce rate, conversion rate etc.


Step 3: Perform In-Depth Audit of your Website

Step 3: Perform In-Depth Audit of your Website

You should test every area of your website with the help of your team to know about the techniques which you can opt to solve the problems. Every part should be assessed with the SEO perspective for this. You can check areas like:
• Performance
• Speed
• Links
• Mobile-friendliness
• Content
• Social media
• Local SEO


Step 4: Make Quick Fixes First

You will find out many minor issues while auditing your website that can be fixed quickly. You should focus on resolving these issues first to enhance user experience immediately. It could be anything like missing ALT tags, coding errors or missing keywords. Finding solutions to these simple problems will motivate you to move further with confidence.


Step 5: Focus on Content

Step 5: Focus on Content

Content is a major part of your website so; you should ensure that your content is up to the mark. In the content part, you don’t have to focus only on the quality of written blogs or materials, but also on the quality of links, strategic use of keywords, heading tags etc. You should also plan regular content posting schedule to balance the quantity in addition to the quality of your content.


Step 6: Make Schedule and Assign Tasks

Now that everything is clear and you are aware of most of the problems and their solutions, you should make a schedule for every area of your website and assign the decided tasks to varied team members. It will help in tracking down the work done on these areas regularly. Ensuring that everything is going in a set flow would be easier through a set schedule.