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Blog - 20 Best Trophy Design Ideas Befitting in All Events in 2019

If you are striving for an excellent trophy idea for your program or competition, Olympia has enough design options to explore. You will find an excellent trophy design befitting in all events in 2019.

Blog - 20 Best Winner Trophy Ideas Suitable For All Events

Winners always wish to celebrate their achievements and love to show the rewards to their near & dear ones. Be it a sport, academy, or corporate world, and winners have appropriate awards or trophies to take pride. Winner trophies have other names in the trophy making industry, such as achievement trophies, victory trophies, and so on.

Infographics - Types of Basketball Trophies

Basketball is among the top sports played across the globe. The pretty question arises when you are running a club or arranging basketball tournaments for your corporate staff. Olympia is an avid trophy supplier in Australia to get high-quality sports trophies online, including basketball sport. Let’s learn about different types of basketball trophies.

Blog - 15 Funny Trophy Ideas - Make Your Employees to Laugh Out Loud

Funny trophies mostly were given in-joke parties or as a shame gift to the last place holders or someone who have committed terrible mistakes in the game or employee recognition programs. Whatever the purpose behind it, but Olympia is providing a wide range of fun trophy designs for different categories of needs. Let’s check a few out of the fun treasure and laugh out loud.

Top 10 Ugliest Sports Trophies in 2019 with Facts

The world of trophies is beautiful and full of attractive and cloying trophies made from precious metals, gems, and stones calibrated purposefully in the logical senses. However, some exceptions are existing in the world of sports trophies at a high level of championships. Therefore, Olympia in Australia is going to place some of the ugliest trophies ever awarded in the world of sports across the globe and invite you to think of a kind of funny trophy for your employee appreciation program to create fun.

10 Types of Memorial Plaques and Uses

Memorial plaques are offering the last chance to commemorate our loved ones who are passé now. You have enough room to be creative and serious about paying tributes to them. Olympia is seriously creating useful and memorable plaques for you dear ones.

10 Unique Sport Awards Ideas to Boost Morale of Your Team

Sports season is knocking the door. Sports players are busy in improving skills, drills, and practices. Coaches engaged in enhancement of team spirit and boost the morale of the team as well as individual players.

Blog - 10 Best Trophy Engraving Name Plates for All Categories

Today, award engraving uses advanced technologies. The latest tools, including laser engravers and printers for 2D and 3D engraving, are highly popular and provides engraving on the flat to irregular surfaces, as well as within the mass of the translucent objects use in the award making the process. Olympia is going to give you ten best examples of trophy engraving nameplates for categories of awards.

Olympia is serving the Midland community for nearly 50 years. We are leading provider for sports trophies, corporate awards, and serving for various school events by providing trophies, awards, plaques, medals, cups, and gifts.

10 Best Participation Ribbon for All Event in 2020

It may be a simple piece of cloth cut as an elongated rectangle and sew in a ribbon shape. It makes a flat-folded neck ribbon. However, fancier manipulations also found in the industry such as rosette ribbon.

Blog - 8 Top Awards to Give at Car Shows

Car shows are rampant now and then. Car show themes are indicating that how we entice for lush classics to the latest models. Baby boom generation wants to explore old memories while next-generation exhibits the wealth they achieve instantaneously.

10 Unique Cup Awards for 2020

Cup awards is an ancient practice and extended further in present days thanks to advancements in award making industry. Olympia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of unique cup awards for 2019. Let’s check some amazing top ten cup awards you can look in a vast inventory.

8 Ways to Clean Your Trophies to Look Always Brand New

Trophies and awards are always the matter of pride be it from sports, academic, or corporate, and it serves the intended purposes very well. We like to display our achievements in the form of trophies and awards of different kinds.

10 Best Sports Championship Belt for Winners in 2020

In the world of sports, awards, trophies, medals, and plaques are known incentives, but belts are restricted up to the limited sports genre, such as boxing, martial arts, and wrestling.

10 Reasons to Choose Custom Trophies for Your Next Event

In the world of sports, trophies are inevitable. Without an award-giving program, no event is complete and unable to draw attention. The same is happening in the corporates, academia, and wherever any sort of competition/contest is going on.

The countdown for the NRL Draw – 2020 has begun in days now. A thrill is smuggling in the air and will be heightened on the 12th March 2020 with the onset of the NRL competition for season-2020.

Championship Rings - All You Need to Know

We often hear about sports trophies, medals, ribbons, and plaques, but are hardly accustomed to championship rings in the world level sports. Indeed, championship rings are not global phenomena yet, but it is likely going to be soon.

10 Best Bundaberg Trophies to Buy In 2020

Bundaberg is a significant place in Queensland, Australia. Its Turtle Festivals and traditional farming culture are the most attractions of the region.

Wooden trophies have an elegant charm in itself when crafted & polished well. The contribution of wood as a leading trophy making material in history is undeniably great.