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20 Important JavaScript Interview Questions with Answers [Updated 2019]

JavaScript is the popular programming language of the web. The high-level, interpreted programming language follows a multi-paradigm approach. As such, it has several traits of functional programming.


TCS Interview Questions

TCS Interview Questions

TCS is a great place to start as well as grow your career. It offers a friendly and positive ambiance for both individual and company growth. With operations in about 46 countries, TCS recruits a large pool of candidates and the main qualities they look for in a candidate are the aptitude and the attitude.
Here are some common questions asked in the technical round of TCS interview. Note that not all questions are from a single interview. This list is a collection of TCS Interview questions from different interviews. Read this


C++ Interview Questions (Frequently Asked)

C++ Interview Questions (Frequently Asked)

C++ is still as relevant today as it was during its advent in the mid-80s. The imperative, object-oriented programming language is widely used as a general-purpose programming language. As such, several jobs require candidates to have a profound understanding of C++.

If you’re preparing for a job role with emphasis on C++, then here are 20 most important C++ interview questions to self-assess your C++ interview preparation:


Top Linux Interview Questions

Top Linux Interview Questions

Linux is not just an operating system. Instead, it is a humongous family of free and open-source software operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel.
Here, we have brought together a list of 22 important Linux interview questions that you must know if your potential job opportunity encompasses Linux in any way. Check this


HCL Interview Questions

HCL Interview Questions

HCL interviews can be through campus, employee referrals and other sources like placement companies, newspaper or online ads etc… Whatever is the source, it takes about 2 weeks for the whole process to be over. Generally, when you apply, someone from their HR department calls you and schedules a telephonic interview.

Telephonic interview is like a screening round for the main interview.

Once you clear the telephonic round, you will be called for face to face interview. They expect you to be on time, neatly dressed and look presentable.

The interview could be 3-4 rounds depending upon the job title and client requirements. The rounds could be –

Technical round 1
Technical round 2 (not always)
HR round
Client interview round

Check here to get the most important interview questions -

PHP Interview Questions (Frequently Asked) & Answers in 2019

PHP is one of the leading names in the big bad world of programming. To help you, We have compiled a list of Most frequently asked PHP interview questions

Infosys Interview Questions and Answers in 2019 [Technical]

Infosys interview questions is not purely technical. They focus more on overall personality and behavioral aspects – for example,

Top 30+ Jenkins Interview Questions & Answer for 2019

The tag line of Jenkins, “Build great things at any scale” aptly describes what Jenkins does. You might have read in many blogs and articles about how Jenkins helps in continuous integration thereby helping developers and testers work in tandem to create a robust software. But what is continuous integration?

Kotlin vs Java: [2019] Most Important Differences That You Must Know

Kotlin vs Java: So, the question is whether one should switch to Kotlin from Java or not? Well, it depends on preferences.

Best Python IDE & Code Editors in 2019 [Latest Updated]

To help you choose your Python IDE, we have compiled a list of some of the popular Python IDEs. Based on functionality,

Top 40 Operating System Interview Questions & Answers

If you are preparing for a Technical Interview round, so you must go through these Operating System Interview questions which we have provided here.

Features of Java: Why is Java So Popular With Beginners and Experts

Features of Java: Java, a name that is much too common among the programming community. Everyone who has ever heard about programming

MariaDB vs MySQL: [2019] Everything You Need to Know

In this blog post, we will try to compare some of the features of MariaDB vs MySQL databases to see which one is the best for usage in 2019

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: [2019] Everything You Need to Know -

Choosing a Database Management Sysmtem is a tough task and when it's comparison between two strong contendors like PostgreSQL and MySQL then the comparison needs detailed analysis. In this article we vet PostgreSQL vs. MySQL on various parameters like performance, syntax, community, support, etc

Top DBMS Interview Questions & Answers (Updated 2019)

Developers who are looking for the DBMS Interview Questions, They are in the right place through can get complete a list of questions & answers

20 Most Important C# Interview Questions [Updated 2019]

Debuting back in 2000, C# has succeeded in becoming one of the leading programming languages. As a multi-paradigm programming language, C# also has some features of functional programming that takes its usefulness and versatility to a step further.


Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions

Every aspiring tester, especially one aiming to work with web-based applications, must have good knowledge about Selenium. This is because whenever applying for some job opportunity regarding web-based testing these days, expect Selenium-based questions coming your way.

Here, we have collected 20 of the most important Selenium interview questions that will help you append your extant Selenium knowledge as well as check how well you fare against an array of Selenium interview questions thrown right at you. Check this latest list


Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework option when it comes to dealing with responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. Moreover, it is free and open-source.

There is a pretty good chance of a web development job interview to feature Bootstrap-based questions. So, you need to keep up your Bootstrap preparation to grab the role. To help you with the cause, here are 20 important Bootstrap interview questions with answers:


Spring Interview Questions

Spring Interview Questions

Spring Framework has succeeded in becoming a top application framework for Java developers. In fact, it secures a place among the leading backend web development frameworks. Hence, opting for a career in Spring Framework is very lucrative.

Spring Framework has a wide array of concepts that one needs to have a working understanding in order to stay ahead in the game. If you’re preparing for a Spring job interview, then here are 20 essential Spring interview questions that you must know the answers to:


Top 30+ ASP.Net Interview Questions & Answers

Top 30+ ASP.Net Interview Questions & Answers

You are an ASP.NET programmer… Your next job interview is round the corner… You want to score that job… All that means is that you need to prepare well despite being knowledgeable in the domain.

Check this list ASP.Net Interview Questions:

  1. What is ASP.NET?
  2. What is ASP.NET MVC framework?
  3. What is an ASP.NET Web API framework?
  4. Which compiler is used in ASP.NET?
  5. What does “PostBack” mean in ASP.NET? And many more check this ASP.NET Interview Questions with Answers.

10 Best PHP Books for Beginners & Advanced Programmers (2019)

10 Best PHP Books for Beginners & Advanced Programmers (2019)

Coding prowess is never enough in the world of programming. You need to learn new things. For this reason, here we are sharing best 10 PHP books.

You need to keep getting better and learning new things to refine your craft. For this very reason, here we are with our pick of the best 10 PHP books that every PHP web developer must read in 2019: Check this PHP Books


MongoDB vs MySQL? Know More

MongoDB vs MySQL? Know More

A comparison of the two databases as described in this article will help you make prudent decisions and choose the most appropriate database for your application.

What is MySQL?
MySQL is an open-source relational database management system, stores data in tables and maintains a relationship between the data. It uses the most powerful query language SQL (Structured Query Language) for database access and has a very powerful syntax to create simple and complex queries to retrieve and structured data.

What is MongoDB?
MongoDB is a non-relational unstructured database. This document-oriented database stores your data in collections made out of individual documents. In MongoDB, a document is a big JSON object with no particular format or schema. MongoDB represents JSON documents in a binary encoded format named as BSON.

See the full comparison between both databases here Mongodb vs Mysql


React Native Tutorials and Courses

Learn React Native online from the best React Native courses & tutorials recommended by the programming community.

Check here- React Native Tutorial


Binary Search in C

Binary Search in C

A binary search is a simplistic algorithm intended for finding the location of an item stored in a sorted list. There are a few variations to the binary search in C program, such as testing for equality and less-than at each step of the algorithm.

How Does it Work?

Binary search algorithm applies to a sorted array for searching an element. The search starts with comparing the target element with the middle element of the array. If value matches then the position of the element is returned.

Get full information from here Binary Search in C


How to learn programming?

How to learn programming?

Programming is the most sought-after skill today. According to Indeed, “Software Engineer” is the top in-demand position in the industry. Considering the huge demand for skilled programmers, it makes sense for job-seekers to learn to programme.

  1. Get familiar with a programming language
  2. Learn Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. Get your hands dirty with competitive programming
  4. Make a project
  5. Explore

Check more details from here