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6 Popular Thai Dishes in Hua Hin - Top Thai Treats to Enjoy in Hua Hin

As one of Thailand's most popular seaside resort towns, Hua Hin is also a Thai food lover's dream holiday destination. Here are six dishes of Thai origin to sample in the beach capital.


Hot Soufflé

As the Thai incarnation of the hot soufflés found in Vietnam, a bowl of hot soufflé in Hua Hin is the perfect pick-me-up any time of the day. Served alongside a delectable dipping sauce consisting of coconut milk, coffee, eggs and pineapple leaves, this dish is one of the most affordable meals available in the beach hub and is a popular option among budget travellers vacationing in the area. The dish is also a snack item that's enjoyed by locals as well as travellers.



Widely available in the Hua Hin Night Market, this classic Thai dish is a type of cake which features an egg and fruit topping. Other ingredients include mango, cheese, coconut shavings and cheese which are all contained within a spring roll paper type layer made of eggs. Cut in to bite size pieces, the dish is also a snack and is one of the more expensive food items in Hua Hin although the mouth-watering flavour is well worth the price.


Grilled Meatballs

While grilled meatballs are one of the more humble Thai dishes available in Hua Hin restaurants and food courts, the item is no less delicious than a bowl of Pad Thai or another classic Thai dish. Grilled to perfection on top or searing coal the meat is then slathered with a special dip which includes a paste of spices before being grilled once more.


Thai Dumplings

When it comes to digging into deliciously soft and chewy Thai dumplings, Hua Hin offers diners a plethora of street-side snack vendors as well as speciality dumpling restaurants. As the ideal meal for winter days, the wholesome snack comes in a plethora of flavours in this part of Thailand including the less common pumpkin, red bean and sweet potato variety. Travellers dining in Hua Hin restaurants as those found at Holiday Inn Vana Nava Hua Hin and countless others also serve dumplings as a part of their buffet menus.


Lod Chong

Reputed to be the finest dessert option in Hua Hin, Lod Chong is akin to Vietnam's Banh Lot in contents but slightly different in flavour. As a worm compote, the dish is made of green fibres that take the shape of worms. Seasoned with sugar water, coconut milk and shaved ice, a bowl of Lod Chong is the perfect dessert after a warm meal. Known for its cooling properties, locals and expats alike line up outside Lor Chong stalls in Hua Hin to enjoy a bowl at all times of the day whet humid and warm weather conditions are prevalent.


Fried fruits and Vegetables

Frying fruits is a Thai speciality and Hua Hin boasts a food court devoted to delicacies made this way. From banana and pumpkin to taro and potato, all fruits and veggies are dipped in frying powder before being deep fried. Served with vanilla ice cream or enjoyed on its own, these juicy and healthy fruits and veggies are the perfect snack option for vegetarians holidaying in Hua Hin.