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New View Concepts ignites lives lived by intentional creative design rather than the default, transforming problems into solutions, barriers into breakthroughs, "I can't!" into "I CAN!" and defeats into victories!

What an  8-year-old taught me this past Christmas

Here’s a warm and, in my opinion, absolutely incredible story that happened just a few weeks ago as an 8-year-old girl entered the Christmas season. It takes place in Vancouver, Washington, and involves a young lady from a family of five kids and two parents who are teachers—not a wealthy family in terms of the riches of the world, by any means.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

If your thoughts are positive, then you lead your life as an optimist. Studies have shown the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health.

Changing reality with your mind

New View Concepts is a Northwest customer service management consulting, customer service training, sales training and mediation firm. New View Concepts ignites lives lived by intentional creative design rather than default, transforming problems into solutions, barriers into breakthroughs, "I can't!" into "I CAN!"
​and defeats into victories!


Did you know that there are demonstrable effects on plants and even animals by “projecting” thoughts to them? Example: thinking “love” towards one plant will cause it to grow faster, while projecting “hate” towards another plant can cause it to stunt or even wither and die.

Change Reality With Your Mind

The human personality is the most powerful thing, equipped for pulling in and making boundless conceivable outcomes of the real world. Little, moulded personalities are stuck turning in minor circles of constraining dreams, wants and forms of the real world.

Ways To Increase Self Confidence

Self Confidence is something that gives the courage to achieve personal and professional goals. These are the ways that help you gain a positive mindset and build your self-confidence in all aspects of life.

Is Tough Love Effective?

On the night of Dec. 12, 1994, in Madison, Wisconsin, Theresa J. McGovern froze to death in a snow bank. She was 45 years old and the mother of two young girls. That night she walked out of a facility where she had been admitted to treat the disease of alcoholism. She left, drank alcohol, passed out and died. She froze to death in a parking lot, in the snow, alone. Her father was former representative and senator, George McGovern.

7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude And Behaviour

To become truly successful in your life, your primary task should be to create and maintain a positive attitude. Once you attain an attitude of optimism, expectancy and joyfulness, opportunities grow and problems shrink.

Benefits of Customized Sales Training

The sales team of any organization can generate new opportunities leading to huge returns. So investing in sales training and improvement is very beneficial for any business to produce more profits.

How to achieve Financial Success Through Creative Thought

Millions of individuals with million ideas are trying to get success. Get customized sales training from new view concepts and get victory in the respective fields.


We all feel broken at some time or another. There is hope. OUR LORD AND SAVIOR would not leave us without hope…

How great thoughts are beneficial for succeeding in life

For every task we do in our lives, we want to be successful. As we move in life, it’s easy to get caught up in the state of affairs regarding social and political issues. You start believing that average is acceptable and as others are settling, and then it’s ok to do the same.

Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Everyone here in this world want to become successful by achieving their dreams and life goals. If you want to be successful in your life, then you need to implement these tips.


When you Light your Vision with vivid clarity and emotion-filled passion, combined with action/motion, the divine forces of the universe conspire to come to your aid to make your vision reality.

Best Way to Change Reality with Your Mind

Do you know changing your mind from neativity to positivity is the best way to succeed in life. Change frequency of your thought waves if you want to live a better tomorrow. You should definitely try for once!

Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality?

Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. To create your destiny, you must learn to control the nature of your dominant thoughts. With this, you will be able to create a life that you always dreamed of.

Can Frequency of Thought Waves Affects Reality

Every brain wave serves a purpose to help us cope with various situations, whether it is to help us process the frequency of thought waves and learn new information or aid to relax us after a long stressful day.


Thought control is like growing a garden. We have two choices: nourish—or neglect. If we choose to do those things we know will foster strong, hardy flowers, we can expect a beautiful botanical masterpiece. Weeding is not a one-time activity. We must be diligent all through the growing season to care and nurture all that we want to flourish.

How Crucial Is Creative Thinking To Your Financial Success?

Each business needs to stay aware of its industry's most recent patterns and remain in front of its rivals. Creative thoughts that are, thinking up new and interesting methods for getting things done are a piece of that procedure. However, exactly what amount does your business' financial success depends on creative thoughts.  


Next to life itself, your greatest gift is free will, the right to direct the life given to you, the right to choose your dominant thoughts. By altering your thoughts, you alter your destiny.

How To Change Attitude & Behavior?

Negative thinking patterns have a strong and devastating impact on our relationships, our health, and our lives. Changing your attitude can be achieved through mindful, conscious thought and attention.

Improve Brain Health and Change Your Behaviour

How to change behaviour? The answer is right in front of you! Get the best books and courses that elevate your positive thinking and change your paradigm that is required to live a life that you deserve.


The Mind can be trained to Conceive great and passionfilled Vision. You can rationally choose to Believe in your compelling Vision and deliberately and intentionally direct your dominant thought to generate Behavior/Actions that bring that Vision into reality—to Achieve.

How Creative Thoughts Lead To Success

Creative Thinking is the foundation for any successful career. In order to be successful, it’s important to be a creative thinker in everything you pursue.

How Changing Thoughts Can Change Our Reality?

It is supposed that changing reality with your mind is perceived subjectively, based on our memory, what we have loaded during our lives. This also depends on earlier experiences growing up and all perceptions are loaded according to sensory experience and filed and used for the future experience.