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Wichday has been a staple in the Fairfield, Connecticut community since its establishment in 2014.

Get Ready for a Family Reunion!

Family reunions create new amazing memories that build stronger relationships with everyone in your family tree. Spending time with them allows you to catch up with their lives and form lasting connections with them.

Catering Services for Your Upcoming Business Conference

Is your company office too stuffy to hold a business conference? If it is, then it is best to arrange it in a different venue. Sometimes, a new environment gives everyone a chance to breathe and think clearly.

The Pros and Cons of a Buffet

It’s no surprise that one of the most important elements at any event is the food. Good food is a true recipe for a good time, don’t you agree? If you’re confused about whether you should go for a buffet-style for your upcoming event, Wichday, your one-stop sandwich shop in Fairfield, Connecticut

Benefits of Sandwich and Platter Catering

If you are planning a seminar, working lunch, party, wake, or family get-together, and you don’t need a large sit-down meal, a sandwich and other platters are a great option — these can provide for guests on a much larger scale.

The History of How the Sandwich Came to Be

Like everything in this world, the sandwich that we know and love also has a history, and today, we are going to learn all about it. A food item that is consumed by nearly every American in the country, the sandwich, as we know it, was popularized by and named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, in England in 1762.

Finding the Right Bread for Your Sandwich

Fixing up a sandwich may seem easy to do, but don’t let its simple nature fool you. A big part of putting together the sandwich is the kind of bread that’s being used together with its ingredients. Having the wrong kind of bread can change the entire experience of eating a delicious sandwich.

Get Ready to Host a Social Media-Worthy Pool Party!

A pool party is a lot of fun. It’s also a social media-worthy event! If you have a backyard pool that can make an oasis for a dynamic pool party, how about you host one?

Say Your Good Farewell with a Sandwich Party

Life can offer you an opportunity to pursue your dreams. Sometimes, that opportunity requires you to leave your hometown and travel to a different place. Although the change is exciting, you can’t help but miss your family and friends in the neighborhood.

Lunch Meal Lifesaver: Sandwiches

For parents, a new school year is a mix of both bad and good news. Good news because the workload at home becomes lighter as schools keep children preoccupied for most of the day. Bad news because you have to think of something new to serve your child for their lunch every day. If you’re a Michelin star chef, preparing a new meal every day won’t be much of a problem.

Getting Rid of Sad and Soggy Sandwiches

Every one of us has experienced being excited about the food they’re thinking of eating. May it be that slice of cake you left in the refrigerator at home, the pack of chocolates in your bag, or that sandwich you’ve been keeping in your lunch box. Surely, everyone has also experienced disappointment.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing the Right Catering Services

Planning an event can be stressful and sometimes, if not most, we just can’t do it by ourselves. That is why we need a helping hand from catering services providers. If you are someone who is looking for the right catering services in Connecticut

Perfect Side Dishes to Your Sandwich

A sandwich is one of the go-to snacks everybody can get a hold of. It’s pretty simple and an easy comfort food to make. It also comes in different shapes and sizes—the reason why almost everybody loves it.

When it comes to versatility, however, you simply cannot talk about side dishes. If you want to spice up your meal, here’s what you can pair your sandwiches with:

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast provides energy throughout the day. Eating breakfast supports long-term health benefits, and it can reduce the risks of serious illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Beautiful Coffee Through the Ages

A lot of people can’t go about their day without having a cup of coffee. Keeping one’s self buzzed and awake is one practical reason why people love it, and because of it’s stimulating ingredients, it can help calm the nerves, too. Another characteristic of coffee, on the other hand, is that it comes in different types-making it a flexible drink for people who have varying tastes.

We’ll Deal with Your Food While You Enjoy the Beach

Camping, staying away from work, relaxing on the beach — such a great idea, isn’t it? Everyone needs some spare time, even for a day, to unwind from all the stress in work or school.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Food Shop

The food industry is undeniably a substantial contributor to the economy, thus, encouraging competition among the many restaurants. Why? Because we humans have to feed our mouths at least three times a day. From one corner to another, food establishments have located themselves in conspicuous areas.

Getting to Know Some Types of Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a staple in everyone’s go-to meals whenever in a rush. The balanced ingredients of bread, proteins, greens, and dressings give us that hearty fill in our empty stomachs as we rush toward our appointments. Even at home, when we want to stay in and relax, a sandwich can also be your best friend.

Need a Cup of Joe? How Coffee Helps Us Keep Active

Coffee is a working individual’s best friend. The energy-boosting qualities of caffeine help us wake up early in the morning as we rush to work. Aside from that, the heavenly aroma keeps us calm and relaxed as we ready ourselves in the morning. Paired with a perfectly-balanced sandwich, you get a fast and easy breakfast choice for the day.

Know Your Sandwich

Two pieces of bread joined together with a filling in between is a sandwich. But did you know that as sandwiches go, there are different types of them? Any food and catering services in Connecticut knows that you cannot just eat and make sandwiches and not specify which one.

Grilled Vs Melt: Know the Difference

When it comes to food, you want it to be delicious, and at the same time, easy to prepare. So, what food fits this general description? A sandwich. At Wich day, we take our sandwiches seriously. That’s why we take it as our responsibility to educate you about the difference between a grilled cheese and a melt.

Tips on How to Assemble Your Sandwich

Every bite from your masterful creation is precious. But do you find yourself haphazardly layering ingredients to your amazing sandwich? Don’t make your next sandwich look like an accident to criticizing eyes. There’s more to the art than slapping ingredients between loaves.

More History for the Sandwich Glory

Wich Day is a sandwich shop in Fairfield, Connecticut, that takes sandwiches seriously. Thus, we’ll talk about the history of sandwiches more thoroughly.

What are Grinders?

Spread, meat, cheese, and maybe some lettuce and tomatoes, or any of your favorite toppings—layer them together in between two slices of bread and you got yourself a sandwich. However, the name you call it changes once you swap the bread for a long thick roll.

A Few Interesting Ways to Eat Your Sandwich

Do you sometimes think about how you should eat your sandwich at home or party? If truth be told, there’s really no way to eat it without a slight mess. While some people are already accustomed to eating their sandwiches using a fork and knife, others prefer to eat theirs using their bare hands.

Difference Between a Burger and Sandwich

Okay, random question—which one do you prefer: a burger or sandwich? If you say that they’re the same, well, maybe we can dig into the details on how you can differentiate them.