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What to wear on vacation to Qatar – What should your wardrobe contain for a vacation in Qatar

Countries have built their communities around their religious, cultural and traditional beliefs and Qatar is quite a reserved country when it comes to clothing.


Respect the locals

Qatar is an Arabic country and they are extremely conventional when it comes to the clothing they wear. There are two main costumes that can be seen among men and women. When you are in their country it is vital to be respectful when it comes to clothing, speaking and even the acts and behaviour in order to make sure that you do not offend of the locals. Hotels such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli inform their guests of rules and regulations on attire for private and public locations so that the guests have prior knowledge about the matter before they arrive.


Clothing for Men

Being an Islamic country the people in Qatar have two specific outfits for males and females. Males wear a long robe with loose pants and they tie a white or red fabric on their head and this fabric is secured with a rope called the Agal. The loose headdress is called Gutra. Even though male tourists are not expected to wear these clothes it is important to remember that foreigners should be respectful and refrain from wearing shorts and skinnies on the street. Males are expected to wear pants, denims and other modest clothing when they are going out in public.


Attire at hotels, pools, and beaches

Bathing suits for men and women are allowed in certain beaches but not all public beaches. Tourists are allowed to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, skinnies, and other clothing items within the hotel premises. Most hotels in Doha are packed with tourists, so it doesn't necessarily affect any of the Qataris. If you are relaxing by the pool or beach you are allowed to wear a string bikini or swim shorts, but you are not allowed to be sunbathing without swimwear.


Clothing for Women

Rules on women's attire are a little stricter. Women wear a black head-dress called the Shayla and they wear a black robe over their general clothes which is known as an Abaya. Some women, depending on the religious beliefs cover their face as well, leaving only the eyes visible. Foreigners are not expected to wear these clothes but they are expected to dress modestly when in public. Women are not allowed to wear strappy dresses or tops, sleeveless tops, and dresses, garments made of see-through fabrics or short skirts.


Formal wear in Qatar

If you are heading to Qatar for business it is important to know what you must wear so that you are not going to offend anyone or embarrass yourself. Women are expected to wear a suit, dresses or skirts which are longer than the knee. The necklines should be modest and the sleeves should be no shorter than the elbow. Men are expected to wear suits with a tie but the standard practice is to wear long sleeve formal shirts with a tie and styled with lightweight pants.

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