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21st Century 5th Grade Learners

List created for ITEC 7330, Summer 2019, by Kayla Jackson

Lesson 1: What Makes a Leader? |

Students will identify characteristics of leadership by researching the lives of great American leaders. This will be a great lesson to do with my fifth graders as a lead in to a unit focusing on leadership. The lesson says that it is for 6-12 grade students, but I think that it can be adapted to work for my 5th grade students just fine.

Participating in Digital Communities | Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. This particular lesson plan teachers students how to participate in digital communities responsibly and respectfully. As my fifth grade students go into middle school, social media will become even more prevalent in their lives. Giving them an idea of what online communities are, how they function, and how one can use them responsibly will better prepare them for using social media in the future.

Lesson | Communication Lesson Plan | Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills | Education World

This simple, fun partner activity develops students' communication skills. By having students partner-up and recreate one another's drawings just through their own descriptions of the art, it opens up a great discussion on effective communication and why it is so important.

Mindfulness: A Home Inside | Lesson Plan | | Lesson plan |

This lesson helps students access that place inside full of feelings, emotions, and thoughts, using cute turtles as a medium!

Elementary Social Entrepreneurship: A Perfect STEAM Lesson | User Generated Education

This STEAM unit focusing on entrepreneurship would be perfect for my 5th grade students! I think what sold me on this lesson plan IMMEDIATELY was when the author mentioned that their primary goal with this unit was to help their students from lower income families to develop an entrepreneur mindset. This spoke to me since the majority of my students live below the poverty line. This lesson incorporates so many activities that incorporate so many different skills, while teaching a powerful, positive lesson about working hard to provide for oneself.

Global Citizenship: Lesson (3-5) | Share My Lesson

This lesson aims to introduce the concept of global citizenship and educate students about universal human rights outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This lesson breaks down what it means to be a citizen before building up to citizenship on a global scale. It even includes book titles that would work well within the lesson, including a few I have in my own library!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lesson Plan: The Quandary Game

In this problem solving lesson plan, students use a free online game called Quandary to practice problem solving skills. While the site suggest it be used with 6-12 grade, I believe it could be used with my 5th grade students as well. We use BrainPOP a lot in our school, so the program and the characters within would be familiar for my students.

Building Blocks Team Building Lesson Plan for the Fifth Grade to Increase Cooperation in the Classroom

A fun lesson plan that gives children a chance to cooperate and work together as a team to complete a hands-on activity. The students work in groups of three (a builder, a messenger, and an observer) to recreate a structure. One of the great things about this lesson is that it also helps students build their communication skills.