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OC Estate and Elder Law providing honest advice to help families organize and retain all the wealth they’ve worked so hard for.

Cost for having an Estate planning lawyer depends upon the particular lawyer as they have different rates. You have to search according to your requirements that suits you the best. The way you decide to manage your belongings will have a great impact on the people around you.

There are many complex legal issues that you face with age. Few of them are listed below:-
1. Guardian for children
2. Medicare claims and appeals
3. Trusts
4. Social security and disability claims and appeals

Specializing in Elder Care Lawyer & Attorneys - OC Estate And Elder Law

When it comes to health care related issues, our experienced lawyers in elder law can help you in preparing Living Wills, Health Care Surrogate/Health Care Proxies, and HIPPA Release Forms. These documents allow family members and friends (“agents”) to take health-related decisions once you are no longer able to.

Consulting with an expert like a Medicaid planning attorney who has a proven track record of helping many elderly clients with securing quality healthcare, protecting assets. Medicaid planning attorney has several tools available that benefit the elderly.

Estate Probate Lawyers | Probate Court Attorney - OC Estate & Elder Law

Avail best services of will and probate lawyers, will lawyers, estate lawyers and probate court attorney at Contact our team for hiring a personal representative to get probate inheritance managed.

Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Probating A Will

Probate or Probate Administration is a court process that passes ownership from the decedent’s assets to their family or the beneficiaries listed in their last will. The circuit court may require additional paperwork to be filed. An experienced probate attorney can assist with these requests and accelerate this process by filing the correct documentation.

Food for Thought for Florida Lottery Winners

Hitting the jackpot comes with its own set of problems that many do not anticipate. “With great wealth comes great responsibility,” said certified financial planner Jim Shagawat, president of Windfall Wealth Advisors in Paramus, New Jersey.

5 Things You’ve Never Heard About Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys

Probate can be legal torture for your beneficiaries. The process is difficult, especially time-consuming and can become quite costly if the assets are complicated and need additional studies and assessments. It’s no surprise that most people want to avoid probate at all costs.

What Does An Asset Protection Attorney Do?

Let's go over the specifics and learn more, but first, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What Is Asset Protection Planning And How It Can Help You?

  2. What Does An Asset Protection Attorney Do?

  3. How Asset Protection Can Help Investors And Clients From Potential Predators, Lawsuits, And Creditors?

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Will & Estate Lawyer

Estate planning provides you with reassurance on the future of the property you’ve worked hard for and peace of mind that the property will be in good hands. Now, with the basics out of the way, the following list will accentuate some of the reasons and benefits of why you would want to hire the services wills and estates lawyers.

  1. No Mistakes Or Delays
  2. Maneuvering Through Legal Procedures
  3. They Can Update Your Documentation & Plan
South Florida Estate Planning & Probate Attorney, Fernando Orrego Selected as a Rising Star in 2017

Business Press Releases.Hollywood, Florida, November 10, 2017: Fernando Orrego has been selected to the 2017 Florida Rising Stars List. Every year, less than 3 percent of attorneys in the state are chosen by the research tea...

Steps To Choosing The Right Estate & Probate Attorney

It’s not impossible to find an adequate lawyer; there are many steps and techniques that have been useful to people in the past. The following list will accentuate some of these key techniques that clients should look out for.
1. Face To Face Interviewing
2. Experience
3. Knowledge

College Student Security Kit - Ocestatelawyers

Transition time is frequently stressful for children and parents equally. From our side, we are offering parents peace of mind by providing the legal College Student Security Kit that every young adult requires to enter the system, prepared to face life’s challenges.

2 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Medicaid Planning

To help you better navigate the qualifications and restrictions of Medicaid, we will discuss two overlooked tips and tricks you should know when considering this type of health care. These types of trusts are highly complex, you should have an experienced elder care attorney guide you through the process and advise exactly on which assets should be placed into the trust.

Why Your Family Needs an Elder Asset Protection Plan

The asset protection program is so beneficial for an elder, it’s important to understand some things about the health care system. While medicare is a great form of federal health insurance that can cover disabilities and certain illnesses, it does not cover any type of long term care.