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Updated by Signzy on Mar 26, 2020
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Video KYC

Video KYC enables a business to complete the KYC process without meeting the customer. It is beneficial for the customer as he doesn’t need to visit the institute. for more information visit us today!

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In a fully digital world, digital KYC and E-KYC verification will be the only thing that has real value and we at Signzy, understand this paradigm. This future digital trust infrastructure will build on some of the hottest technologies such as ID verification online and Blockchain.

Advantages of Banks Digital KYC

Nowadays, digital KYC service in banks allows the users to easily navigate with the minimum number of click for success. Signzy is always ready to provide the best solution related to the KYC service queries.

How does Video KYC Impact us in 2019?

Today, the main advantage to use the video KYC process is it works in real-time and helps to prevent malicious activities. For more information, visit Signzy today!

Documents Required for KYC

Nowadays, investors need to submit some documents to fulfill the requirement of the KYC like PAN card, Driving License, Voter ID card and Passport Etc. For more details, visit Signzy today and use their products such as Real KYC, ARI and Digital Contracts that will help you to improve your business growth.

Features of Video KYC

Do you know how the Video KYC process provides benefits to the banking industry? Visit Signzy today that is used this process to onboard thousands of customers every month. Visit us today at

Advantages & Features of Video Based - Digital KYC

These days, video KYC process makes ease for people's lives. Because it can be accessed remotely and you don't need to go to the customer shop for their access. It can be easily done from your home. Moreover, it doesn't require any wet signature like which is mandatory in the case of digital KYC. For more information, visit us today at

Benefits & Features of Video KYC

Video KYC is an update in digital technology. For this, there are some essential documents such as OVD or the PAN card. Signzy systems have been designed for banking grade technology. Their KYC video is used to onboard thousands of customers every month by SEBI regulated institutions. for more information, visit us today at

Mind- Boggling Features & Benefits of Video KYC

These days, video KYC impacts us in 2020 continuously. It helps to reduce paperwork and fight with the fraud. It has so many mind-boggling features such as Real-time PAN verification, Matching face on ID with face in the Video KYC and Digital forgery check on the displayed ID proof etc. For more information, visit today at

How Banks are Approaching New Enterprises & Startups by Offering Ways to Scale their Business? by Signzy - Issuu

For instance, artificial-intelligence-based regulatory technology startup Signzy helps banks and financial institutions with real-time customer onboarding, verification and fraud detection through its video KYC solution.

For more information, just read the PDF at

A Brief Introduction to Video-Based KYC Authentication - How It Works, Features & Fruitful Benefits

Video KYC process is helpful for the banking industry. Their working model describes the face-matching tools and the latest technologies ensure that the particular person is genuine. For more details, reach us today at

  • Signzy is continually working on building global digital trust system for banks, NBFCs, and other famous financial institutions. With the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they are continually working on the betterment of digital video verification in the KYC processes

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