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Updated by Seasia Infotech on Jan 13, 2021
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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

Augmented reality (AR) is continually adding new aspects to mobile app development. AR technology is going to attain greater heights and growth in the future. Let's find out how Augmented Reality can boost Business with the mobile app.

Top Reasons Why Companies Choose Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development - Xamarin App

Mobile apps have become a need for businesses. Xamarin is extensively used for developing apps. Let’s know the reasons why companies are choosing Xamarin for cross-platform development.

How Blockchain Can Benefit Modern Age Mobile Application? - SEASIA INFOTECH

In recent times, Blockchain is proven to be one of the most widely used technologies. However, the reasons besides it are many and straightforward. It has many benefits to mobile app development.
The blockchain technology is becoming mainstream in the business world by blockchain application development services. You may even think how the blockchain technology can give such a huge impact on mobile application development services.

There’re various firms that are offering Android application development services, but before making the final decision, you need to consider many things, have a look at some of them.

Seasia Infotech listed as Best Mobile App development company

Seasia Infotech has been listed among the best mobile app development companies by Thinkmobiles. Seasia Infotech is a CMMI Level 5 company that has successfully delivered more than 2500+ projects across the globe over the past 19 years. Thinkmobiles is the marketplace of IT companies and Software products where you can review companies.

Role of iOS Applications in Boosting your Business

In today's world Smartphone has become one of the most essential parts of our life. We all spend 60% to 70 % of our time on the smartphone, let it be official use or for personal. If we talk on professional usage smartphone is considered as the mini office to most of the people since it stores important data as well as helps in communicating with the client, data exchange emails, etc. Here in this article, we have mentioned the "Role of iOS application in boosting any business".

How Businesses are Succeeding with Chatbots & AI

Chatbots have existed for decades but businesses have only freshly begun to exploit the opportunities they provide. Actually, the chatbot is; it’s a smart service that lets you interact through a chat interface! With more room to technologies like artificial intelligence, many businesses are delivering the best out of technology for magnified user experience. Read out the article to get an in-depth for the reasons for how businesses are getting benefitted by utilizing the potential of artificial intelligence.

Why is Serverless Architecture Preferred for Mobile App Development?

With a Serverless architecture, one can build & run the application without indulging in infrastructure as it is managed by the third party and can focus on core product & its coding.

How Android Q update will change your Smartphone's user experience?

Android is always been in demand since it was introduced. It is always users demand because of its unique features and user-friendly UI. This time also Android has maintained the same hierarchy with the launch of Android Q. Let read it in dept.

Unleashing the True Potential of AI Applications to Optimize Business Profits

With time we all are becoming technology freaks and our dependency on machines are increasing day by day. From Siri to Alexa to Google Assistance we are surrounded by AI. Let it be home or office we try to make 100% use of it. Here in this post, we will discuss how to unleash the complete potential of AI to optimize business profit.

Is iOS 13 capable enough of bringing back iphone's popularity? - Seasia Infotech

Apple has recently launched its most awaited iOS 13 which apple is claiming will bring back its popularity. All apple users were eagerly waited to know its features and new functionality. Here we have provided all the relevant information's of iOS 13.

How Artificial Intelligence is bringing a revolution in web development industry?

Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on modern web app development. It has changed the entire working procedure for many industries. Let's discuss how AI is benefitting the Web Industry.

What are the Top 10 Hybrid app development company?

With time new technologies and trends are innovating us and our expectation of "what's new" is growing daily. To fulfill the requirement and demands of the present generation, the mobile app development industries are competing with each other, and the trend of Hybrid app development for pitching both iOS and Android platform is being followed. Here we have listed the top 10 hybrid app development companies on the basis of various parameters.

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience?

The contribution of AI in the field of Business is impeccable. Initially from the Market research, trend prediction & planning, AI contribution in customer engagement is exceptional. Here we will discuss how AI can improve customer experience.

Exciting WordPress Web Development Trends to Chase in 2020

Wordpress web development has provided a path for non-techies to develope impressive websites without knowing to code. Since with time, web development is coming up with new trends and techniques, how come WordPress will be limited to old trends. Here we have provided some exciting Wordpress Web Development Trends to Chase in 2020.

Top 10 Web App Development Companies in Australia

Web app development is growing tremendously with day by day. Daily, more & more companies are entering in it for business expansion and making it tough to find out which company to choose for Web development. Considering the same, we here try to list the top 10 web app development companies of Australia to be considered for web development.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Software 2019

With time we are grabbing the technology of artificial intelligence. Let it be any field, but the impact of AI on them can be easily sensed. Most of us do have a brief knowledge of AI & its blow on the modern world but are not aware of various platforms from where AI-related work is done. Here we have mentioned the top 10 AI software of 2019.

Online Uniform Builder - Revolutionize Your Sports Kit Design

With Seasia's Online Uniform Builder Tool, any Uniform builder can showcase their unique and highly creative sports uniform customization work to their customer. This tool lets you design your uniform from start to finish. It allowed the full client control over managing customization attributes so that they can easily add new design/patterns or modify the old design. With this uniform builder tool, we collected each minor detail of customization and create the most powerful interactive designs.

The 11 Most Common Mistakes That WordPress Developers Make

WordPress has provided a unique platform for non-techies to develop websites without knowing much about coding. But to fully optimize the WordPress website, we need to avoid a few mistakes which we often do. Here in this article, we listed 11 Most Common Mistakes that Wordpress Developers usually do.

Latest Groundbreaking Technologies By Apple for iOS Development

iPhone apps are known for their quality and security. To compete with Android and for customer retention as well, iOS has launched some groundbreaking technologies. Please go through the blog for full details.

Influence of Big Data In Mobile App Development And Businesses

Nowadays, mobile apps have improved the way people all over the world practice their smartphone devices. The present is a digital era where all the enterprises, startups and other business people are making themselves manage an entire business via smartphone by mobile applications. Big Data management helps in getting insights from the generated data of the applications, which users use almost every single day. Just read out the blog you will come to know the actual influence of Big Data In Mobile App Development And Businesses

Impact of Artificial Intelligence Development on Major Business Segments

Artificial Development will help to transform your business in more ways than you could never imagine. AI will provide more productive results with fewer errors and higher quality. So, Let's find our the impact of AI development on major business segments.

Mobile Dashboards: Gaining the Momentum in the Digital Age

Nowadays more and more people are relying on mobile devices or mobile applications to carry out day to day tasks. One of those applications being mobile dashboards. Mobile Dashboard is a data analysis tool that comprises data sources, data visualizations, filters, KPIs, and a navigation menu. Let's figure out how Mobile Dashboards are Gaining Momentum in the Digital Age.