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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 24, 2019
Headline for Top tips for best returns on Apartment Investment – How to get the best out of your investment
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Top tips for best returns on Apartment Investment – How to get the best out of your investment

The recent building spur must have gotten you interested in investing in an apartment. However, if this is your very first investment, what this article has to say might be beneficial for you.


Developer and the contractor

The most significant roles in constructing an apartment are handled by the developer and the contractor. To find the best of both, you might want to do a bit of research – for example; you can ask to see the past projects completed by them. Also, another factor you cannot ignore is the timely delivery – the reason for this is that any sort of delay could have major impacts on your financial planning. The best way to go about this is to request a schedule so you can plan your finances and payments as per progress. If you cannot take their word on trust, the best thing you can do is to make some inquiries on their past projects so you can form your own opinion.



One should put more emphasis on the location and the apartment's surroundings – see if you can find everything in close proximity, your investment will yield no benefits if one has to walk miles to get to the supermarket. In a developing city, there's no avoiding traffic and congestion, but make sure that the location is somewhat commuter friendly. The location plays a major role when it comes to the prices and convenience – the prices vary depending on the location. To elaborate more on that point: apartments Colombo – for example, Cinnamon Life Colombo – though they tend to be on the pricier side being located in a strategic position, makes up for the money you spend and also it offers more comfort and comes equipped with a host of amenities.



Before throwing in large amounts of money, you have to be certain that the design is to your liking – the architecture, the common areas, lighting and landscaping should be taken into account. Be sure that everything is professionally planned and executed – the open-plan is the trend now.



Pay close attention to the amenities. Do your research and determine the sort of amenities a modern tenant would like. Gym and a pool are definitely a plus and add value to the apartment. However, you cannot completely ignore the fact that more amenities that there are the more expenses you have to bear. So, get your developer to calculate these monthly expenses for you. All the modern development projects offer you a bunch of amenities – but you need to decide on what is more needed.



The reason behind your investment is of little consequence. Whether you want to live there yourself or rent it out to someone else, consider the market potential of your investment. Do your research and try to look at real estate reports to get an idea – or else you could talk to your developer as they have all this information at the ready. Educate yourself on trending neighbourhoods and new investment laws.



Don't jump at the loan option you see. Go to several banks and talk to them to get an idea. There might loans that are meant for these type of investments – better yet, talk to your developer as they seem to be well aware of loan facilities.


The documents

Make sure all the documents are shipshape, and everything is well and clear. You need to be sure that everything complies with the law to avoid any sort of hiccups that might arise after making the investment - do a thorough check and talking to their law firm is a good idea. Also, hire your own legal counsel as you don't want to take the risk of being misled.