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Headline for Exclusive tips for an expert family beach vacation – Things you need to do for a hassle-free beach vacation
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Exclusive tips for an expert family beach vacation – Things you need to do for a hassle-free beach vacation

Spending your holiday at the beach with your kids has everything to do with the word 'fun'. However, it could get a little messy and less than fun if you don't think things through and aren't prepared.


Choose accommodation sensibly

First and foremost, choose your lodging wisely. Decide what type you prefer – condos, resorts, vacation rental homes, hotels or campgrounds – while you can choose anything from the list, if you are travelling with family, renting out a vacation home sounds like a good idea. In any case, try to find a place where you can make your own meals – preferably with easy access to the beach.


Stock up on beach equipment

If you stay at a Kalutara resort in Sri Lanka the likes of like AVANI Kalutara Resort you will be equipped with the necessary gear. However, it won't hurt – you will avoid any chance of being disappointed – if you hire your own surfboards, body boards, ocean kayaks, bikes, tennis racquets, etc.


Rent beach umbrellas and chairs

This is a necessity if you want to spend your day at the beach and shelter yourself from the scorching sun – another useful tip is to bring sun lotion and lather your skin with it – this is your best chance at avoiding sunburns.


Enjoy the sunset

Your beach vacation won't be complete if you don't stop a moment to enjoy the sunset. While you imagine yourself to sweat up and run around with a beach volleyball in your sweatshirt, you can also have serene and peaceful moments watching the sunset.


Don't forget your first-aid kit

Your hotel will provide you with first-aid kits if needed, but to be on the safe side, take your own first-aid kit with you. Furthermore, don't forget to include bug spray and mosquito repellent.


Take some lightweight towels

You wouldn't think this is necessary, but it is if you travel with kids. Take as many lightweight towels with you as you can so you can make your kids comfortable.


Lots and lots of water

It goes without saying, spending a day outdoors in this summer heat can really dry you out. So, take as many water bottles as you can, also take some fruit juice to encourage your kids to drink.


Think about housekeeping

You are on vacation, and you are supposed to be having fun – being a parent doesn't change that. So, hire housekeeping to take care of the things you would be made to do otherwise.


Bring a kiddie pool

If your kids are too young to be playing in the sea – but at the same time you don't want to strip them of the fun they can have in the water – bring a kiddie pool. You can place it inside your tent and let them play.


Last but not the least, zip-lock bags

This is a great way to compartmentalise your bag. You are likely to have wet clothes, spilt juice and things of that sort that could really make your day hellish. So take some zip-lock bags with you to separate things in your bag.