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5 Best attractions to see in Botswana - From wildlife to ancient rock paintings

Botswana is a popular tourist destination that offers the best wildlife experience. Here are the best attractions not to miss out on when in Botswana.


Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park can be located in the Okavango Delta. The place is incredibly popular among wildlife enthusiasts as they cover four ecosystems. The SavutiMarsh is one to watch out for and has some of the highest numbers of wildlife species in the entire continent. The national park boasts of about one hundred and twenty thought elephants. These herds can be viewed by going on a river cruise close to sunset. The views are simply outstanding. When planning to visit the Chobe National Park, one must try to visit between the months of May and September. The weather is ideal during these times, offering dry and cool climates.


Nxai Pan National Park

Well, another place one must visit when in Botswana is the Nxai Pan National Park. This is another ecosystem that deserves to be explored. The main feature is none other the natural sceneries. There are spectacular sand dunes, baobab trees and salt pans. During the flood season, the pans attract a vast collection of animals and birds. Besides, for accommodation, there are many hotels in Gaborone you can choose from. There are brands the likes of Avani Hotels & Resorts who have a number of hotels around main attractions.


Okavango Delta

This is another unique ecosystem where the Okavango River crosses the heart of the Kalahari Desert. As such, these natural water systems have paved a support system for the animals and birds here. The Okavango Delta safari takes you on a canoe, rather than a 4x4 drive, as most of these unique animal lives can be viewed this way. Annually, the floods generally cover about sixteen thousand square kilometres of land. Thus, the most ideal times for viewing wildlife is during the flood seasons where the wildlife become more concentrated in the regions here.


Tsodilo Hills

How about other attractions other than the safari parks? Well, Botswana has something special for the art enthusiast, not in the traditional sense. The Tsodilo Hills showcase outdoor gallery, with ancient rock paintings. Around four thousand paintings of the San Bushmen can be found here. On top of that, there are about four hundred sites, that depict scenes of ancient hunting, animals, and ritual dance. Some of these rock paintings go way back, up to twenty thousand years, and archaeological evidence also point to the fact that people have been living in these parts for about one hundred thousand years. As a result, this place has been titled a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tuli Block

This region is another highly concentrated area for wildlife located in eastern Botswana. This area used to be a place of agriculture and farming. However, only decades ago, the area was seen to be fit to be turned into a sanctuary for the wildlife here. Now, the area houses a number of reserves. The place is extremely beautified with its rivers, forests, baobab trees and the savannah. You can spot cheetahs, lions, leopards and elephants, among several other incredible animal life.