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7 Best Spots for Kids in Bali – Explore Bali as a Family

Bali is very popular travel destination in Asia and even though most think otherwise there are so many activities for kids in Bali.


Waterbom Bali

This is the perfect location to go to in order to spend a day out with the family and kids. Known as Bali's premier water park the Waterbom Bali has so many different water slides, activities, pools, gardens along with several other activities for both kids and adults alike. If you are staying in Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa, this is the perfect activity to ease into your holiday in Bali.


Surfing schools

Most parents like to expose children to daring activities from a young age in order to build character. If you are an active person your kid is probably as active and would love to learn some new activities. Surfing schools for kids is the perfect way to get children out in the sea and be active. There are so many surfing schools that you can book online even before you have arrived on your trip. They will be taught with attention to detail by a professional and experienced surfer so parents need not worry about their safety.


Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali has so many different animal-parks but the one where the animals are allowed to stay in their natural habitat in large areas is the preferred one to expose children to. There is so much you can learn from all the different flora and fauna and you and your kids will love the sight of adorable baby animals.


Pirate Ship

Kids love playing pirates and this dinner cruise which allows you to dress up and become a pirate for the day is one of the most exciting activities for children. You can take photographs in the costumes while holding the props, enjoy the stunning view surrounding you while the ship sails slowly and then enjoy a buffet dinner on board after an eventful day. If you are unable to make the arrangements yourself, it can be arranged on behalf of you by a tour agency or a hotel that offers family accommodation. Bali pirate ship event is one of the most popular excursions for families.


Bali Tree-top circuit

This is for the kids who love the great outdoors and are adventurous. There are seven different circuits of varying difficulty that can be done from children from the age of 5 to 16. There are about 72 obstacles that can be tackled individually or as a group. If there are several groups of children, this is a great way for them to spend the day without the parents as the tree-top circuit will keep them occupied for hours.


Upside Down House

The Upside Down house is not exciting just for children but also for adults, as you get to experience zero gravity and turn yourself upside down. You can pretend to be an astronaut, an alien, an object floating in space or even experience day to day life up-side-down. There are spaces created as living rooms, bedrooms, toilets, and even dining rooms so you can see how life would be without zero gravity.


Chocolate Factory visit

Who doesn't love chocolate? This is the perfect way to teach kids about chocolates and how something they love so much is made. You can visit as a family to enjoy the experience together.