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Updated by Mike Monroe on Nov 01, 2016
Headline for Feeling Great About Selling
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Feeling Great About Selling

One of the easiest things to sell? Is something you believe whole-heartedly in. And if your WHY is on track, that "something" is your small business.

9 Ways to Ask For (And Get) What You Want

Practice your assertiveness and watch a "no" become a "yes."

I'm Conflicted About These Sales Tactics

Time sensitive sales offers and limited quantity discounts for coaching and consulting they work?

How To Get Started And Work As A Freelancer

The article is about getting started as a free-lancer. But the real lesson here is don’t be afraid to start out by giving away what you do for free. If that’s what necessary to build confidence so you can one day charge? Whatever it takes.

Why Your Cold Calls Aren't Working

If you're someone who thinks sales don't work, or you're just "not a salesperson," you may be self-sabotaging. Check and find out.

The 10 Biggest Goofs Salespeople Make

Learn how to overcome the sales mistakes ...before you make them.

Practice Makes Perfect, Right?

One of the most effective things for sales professionals to do, is hone in on their skills. And that only can come from one thing: practice.

10 Reasons To Hire An SEO Copywriter

Search engine optimization is critical to your sales pitch (and website!) effectiveness. Remember, a good sales pitch has to generate high levels of excitement in the reader, which is why we recommend hiring a professional to do it.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

If you find yourself not able to keep your word – whether it be professional or personal – stop talking about what you’ll do (under-promise), and just do it with style instead (over-deliver).