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Defense Patrol and Investigations

Defense Patrol and Investigations, a Texas Corporation licensed by the Department of Public Safety Private Security Division, offers a highly dedicated team of armed and unarmed security officers stationed at offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Do You Really Need Security for Your Apartment?

Yes, you do! When it comes to looking after your property, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. Besides, having security personnel on the job comes with other benefits too

Should You Consider Hiring a Bodyguard?

You have to take note that criminals are everywhere. If you leave yourself in a vulnerable position, they can strike you when you least expect it. Do you really want to risk your safety when the time comes?

5 Cool Reasons to Hire a Private Security Detail

The high number of crimes and violence can alarm anyone. In fact, high-profile people find it worrying about how compromised their security is nowadays. The only option for them to feel safe is to hire providers of professional security services in Houston, Texas.

Signs That Your Business Needs a Security Service

Small businesses have to deal with the reality that theft and other crimes can occur on their premises. Some businesses, such as banks and convenience stores, may be more of a target for thieves and criminals, but any business can be a victim of a crime.

Things to Ask Before Hiring a Security Guard

Is your business in need of security guard services in Texas? Do you find yourself worried that petty thieves may have marked your establishment as their next stop? Every business is in need of safety and security, however, there are a couple of things that owners/business managers should take note of before hiring someone to oversee the safety of their stores.

How to Improve Your Security Patrol System

Aside from hiring professional security services in Houston, Texas, you should also establish a patrolling system in your establishment. Doing so can keep the premises and tenants secured. If you already have a system, then the next thing you’ll have to do is to evaluate if it is effectively functional.

Why Dogs Are Great Security Officers

If you prioritize the safety of a loved one or your property, then it is only natural that you hire professional security services in Houston, Texas. This particular service allows you to have manned protection around the people or property you cherish.

Top Gears Security Guards Should Have

When seeking professional security services in Houston, Texas, you don’t only need to check their licenses and qualifications. It is imperative to check whether or not they are well-equipped with the gears needed for protection.

What to Look for Before Hiring Security Personnel

The safety and security of your clients, tenants, or customers, and your property should be of topmost priority. This is the way of preserving lives and protecting assets. And the smartest way to implement safety and security is to hire professionals from security guard services in Texas.

Traits of Qualified Security Personnel

Whether you are looking for apartment security officers, patrol officers, unarmed security officers, armed officers, or K-9 security services, you must only hire trained and experienced individuals. These individuals must be able to perform and finish the job of eradicating potential safety and security problems before they become imminent threats.

Proactive and Reactive Corporate Security Services

As high technology is becoming more advanced, the vulnerability of corporate structures also goes high. Commercial establishments need both proactive and reactive security guard services in Texas more than ever. Truth be told, traditional security has become highly inadequate in today’s world. The scramble for security is a clear and present challenge to any organization and company.

VIP Protection: Who Needs It?

VIP protection is a high-demand for high-profile individuals, who may face malicious threats. With this, our firm offers streamlined, personalized, and professional security services in Houston, Texas.