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Hyperdocs Resources

A list of resources that I could use in a hyperdoc for a Superhero Unit theme.

Minus Mission | Math Playground

This is a Superhero themed math game to explore subtraction. You are able to put a number range to suit each students learning needs. I chose this because often times, students will like to play games to practice their newly learned skills. This gives students a chance to have fun while also learning.

List of superheroes |

This is a list of Superheros from different movies, comic books and television shows. I chose to be added to my list because this would be a great list for students to start a research assignment or creative writing assignment. This would be a quick reference for whatever the students could be working on.


Girls Can Be Super Too!

Girls Can Be Super Too!

Being a Superhero is not just for boys. Here is a picture of some of the most popular female Superheros. I added this picture so that the girls in the class could relate to a female superhero character as we explore the unit.

Superhero science with Bill Nye

This is a video of Bill Nye from Bill Nye the Science Guy and Bill Nye Saves the World. He explains if some of the most popular superheros super powers could actually exist in the real world. I added this resources because I feel that a lot of students will recognize Bill Nye from television so they will be interested in the science behind what he is saying.

What makes a superhero? | Stan Lee | TEDxGateway 2013

This is a TED Talk with Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics creator. In the video, he talks about what really makes a superhero. This could pair well with a lesson on community helpers or a creative writing assignment where they may have to make some superheros of their own.

androidify yourself

The all-new Androidify app is a fun way for students to create their own Android avatar. I chose this resource because I felt that students could create their own Superheros and write a story that goes along with the character they created. This gives students a way to be creative. Most likely, all avatars will be different and unique from one another.

Create Maps on Scribble Maps

This website make it easy to share and create maps. I chose this so that students could have an opportunity to see where places are from a different perspective. They can make their own maps and can easily share them, edit them and add to them later.

Spider Man - Music From And Inspired By by Various Artists on Spotify

This is a Spotify album from the Spider-man movie. I added this resources to add musical art into any lesson. It could be used in a variety of different ways and students will like the music. Many students respond well to music and like listening to songs.

News and Events Year-by-Year | Infoplease

This website is a large list of years. Students could pick any year and find out key information regarding that time. Would pair well with a Social Studies assignment. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the past in a fun and exploring type of way.

Free Marvel Kids Games | Super Hero Games | Marvel HQ

This website is full of games that feature the most popular Marvel characters. These are educational games and I chose this so that students could enjoy learning alongside some of their favorite superheroes.