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Best Thai Dishes and Where to Find Them - Enjoy the Exotic Flavours

Thai food is famous the world over for having the right balance of saltiness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness. In Bangkok, treat the foodie in you to an exotic range of mouth-watering dishes.



Of course, seafood is one of the top foods to try in Bangkok. You will be served the freshest the island has to offer cooked in many different ways. The waters around Bangkok are thriving with all manner of marine life; boosted with the presence of the Angthong Marine National Park. Look forward to feasting on mouth-watering dishes created with lobster, crab, fish, shellfish, prawn and squid. The freshest seaweed too is an integral ingredient in the preparation of many dishes.



Kalamae is a very satisfying sweet made out of rice flour, coconut cream and palm sugar. It is a sticky sweet that is likened to the French caramel. This is a traditional sweet of Thailand that is widely made in Bangkok due to coconuts being the main source of income. If you are already hankering for a taste of this sweet delight check out the fresh markets; the most likely place to purchase a batch of Kalamae would be the Hin Yaa and Hin Taa markets.


Tom Yum Soup

This very comforting spicy soup will take your taste-buds to exotic places. TomYum is a clear soup dish that originated in Northern Thailand and Southeast Asia; each region has a different take on the dish. In Bangkok, your steaming bowl of Tom Yum soup will consist of shrimps, lemongrass, lime, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, crushed pepper and fish sauce. Please remember that the Thai like this soup very spicy and when ordering it at any eatery you should request that the spice levels be toned down; unless of course, you love some heat in your food. The best Tom Yum is served when dining in Bangkok; this city is an extremely popular tourist destination and you will find many luxury resorts are located around this gorgeous stretch of river. Nestled on the northern edge of the water body is the Avani Atrium Bangkok.


Khao Phad

Khao Phad is thought to be a 'foreigner' in Thailand as the dish does not represent the spiciness associated with many Thai dishes. Khao Phad is, in fact, savoury fried rice. This is one of the popular fast food items you will taste on the island and it can be prepared using various ingredients. There's the seafood Khao Phad, the chicken Khao Phad, vegetarian Khao Phad, pork and crab Khao Pad to choose from; each made with generous helpings of stir-fried vegetables, meat, egg and spices the choice is yours.


Phad Thai

Phad Thai is a stir-fried dish that was probably introduced to Thailand from China or Vietnam. The main ingredients are rice noodle, tofu, egg, tamarind pulp, lentils, palm sugar, garlic, red chilli pepper, shallots and soybean. This is a popular street food and can be ordered at anyone of the Bangkok food kiosks.