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If you get tax evasion notice for unpaid taxes, then in extreme situation it leads to land, real estate and vehicles to be seized by the IRS or impose heavy penalty amount. Don't worry and speak with the experienced IRS tax lawyers at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth for all sorts of tax problems.
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New To Tax Problems? Take Advantage Of The First-Time Penalty Abatement

Before you begin to feel despair as you try to find out a solution for your problem, learn more about the IRS penalty abatement services available to you in Texas.

IRS Issues Help — Why and When You May Need an IRS Attorney

The IRS stands as one of the most powerful departments of the US federal government. It‘s easy to find yourself in trouble if you’re not careful, honest, and timeous with your tax filings. There is still a lot that you could do with regard to sorting out your taxes without necessarily needing the assistance of an IRS Tax Attorney. Although it remains important to know  when to turn to professional help to save yourself from penalties and even prison time. Here are some reasons and scenarios wherein you might need to consult a tax lawyer.

5 Tip for Gamblers - My IRSteam

North Texas Tax Attorney discusses potential IRS problems derived from Gambling losses and profits. Have a look.

What You Need To Know About The IRS Fresh Start Initiative | Nick Nemeth Blog

If you have unfiled tax returns, you can find a program from this initiative to provide you with a beneficial alternative to settle your tax problems. Here is a closer look at the Fresh Start Initiative.

Possible Consequences of Ignoring IRS Tax Problems

In cases of non-payment, the IRS will lawfully issue charges such as failure to file, pay, and sometimes tax evasion, which may attract penalties that can include fines or even imprisonment. In this post, we share some of the possible consequences of ignoring IRS tax problems. Read on.

A Verified Solution for Quick IRS debt Relief in Fort Worth

Are you getting calls and emails regularly regarding your debts? Do you have IRS debts in Fort Worth that are getting out of control? Have you gone through all the possible options to resolve your issues and still left with nothing? For all the answers, continue reading the blog as it provides the best and verified solutions for quick IRS debt relief in Fort Worth.

The Three IRS Payment Plans Explained | Nick Nemeth Blog

In this blog post, MyIRSTeam presents an overview of the types of IRS installment agreements or plans that could help individuals get a grip on their financial situation. Read on.

3 Instances That Call for an IRS Tax Attorney

Interactions with the IRS can be complicated and stressful in some cases, and so is setting up a new business and handling the tax work. In this blog post, we discuss three instances that call for an IRS tax attorney. Read on.

3 Simple Steps to File an Unfiled Tax Return with IRS

Most taxpayers need to file a tax return every year. The IRS keeps a record of taxpayers who are required to file and can impose penalties in cases of non-payment. IRS can also complicate situations for late taxpayers by holding their refund and even filing a return for them without any deductions and credits in their favor. To avoid these consequences, it is important to start taking immediate steps and file an accurate and complete unfiled tax return that can get you back in good books with the IRS. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share three simple steps to file an unfiled tax return with the IRS.

5 Types of IRS Installment Agreement to Pay Your Tax Debt | Nick Nemeth Blog

Taxpayers who qualify for a short-term payment plan are not required to pay such a fee. Let’s look at five types of IRS installment agreements that are available to taxpayers with outstanding IRS debt. Read on!

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Tax Attorney in Texas

In this blog post shares some important factors that you should consider when choosing a tax attorney in Texas or any other part of the U.S.

Settling IRS Tax Debt - A comprehensive Guide

The IRS offers a number of useful options to taxpayers for resolving their tax debts without draining their finances completely. Starting from the installment agreement to the offer in compromise (OIC), we cover various options to get IRS debt relief. Read on.

How Do I Get An IRS Wage Levy Release - Tax Relief in Dallas Texas

If you're facing a wage levy and trying to get it released, don't do it alone. Call our experienced tax law professionals at (972) 484-0829 or visit us at today to claim your free consultation.

The IRS has Imposed a Tax Lien on my Property: What Should I do? | Nick Nemeth Blog

It is important to settle the IRS problem immediately by seeking tax lien assistance from an experienced attorney. In this blog post, MyIRSTeam discusses three things you can do if the IRS imposes a tax lien on your property. Read on!

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About IRS Payroll Tax

We answer some commonly asked questions about IRS Payroll taxes. Read on.

4 Things to Do When You Have Tax Debt

Take some simple steps to reduce the impact of late or unpaid taxes on your financial and social life and get prompt IRS debt relief. In this blog post, we discuss five things to do when you have a tax debt. Read on.

Dealing with IRS Bank Levies | Nick Nemeth Blog

If you don’t respond, the IRS can levy and garnish money from your bank account to compensate for the taxes you owe. Continuing further, in this blog post, we discuss how taxpayers can resolve IRS bank levies. Read on!

All You Need to Know about IRS Cancelled Debt | Nick Nemeth Blog

An experienced IRS lawyer who can either negotiate an IRS installment agreement or help them qualify for an exclusion. In this blog post, we discuss all you need to know about IRS canceled debt. Read on!

5 Important Tips To Avoid Tax Problems with the IRS - Nick Nemeth Blog

Facing problem to file your tax return, hire a tax law attorney to avoid any errors on your annual tax filings. In this post read five important tips to avoid tax problems with the IRS.

Final Notice of Intent to Levy - IRS Help in Dallas

Visit us at MyIRSTeam​ or Call our offices at (972) 484 - 0829 and our tax professionals will guide you through your options and help you decide what the best one is for your situation.

3 Solid Reasons that Qualify for Requesting IRS Penalty Abatement

In this blog, we will discuss three common circumstances that can help you qualify for IRS penalty abatement. We will also discuss what needs to be included in the abatement request. Read on!

Understanding Innocent Spouse Relief & How to Qualify

The innocent spouse rule is a provision in US tax law that was created to provide immunity to taxpayers from the mistakes made by their spouses. Read on as we share a brief guide to help you innocent spouse relief.

4 IRS Situations Where You Can Apply for Penalty Abatement | IRS Problem Resolution

Qualifying for IRS penalty abatement is not easy, and it is recommended to take help from an experienced tax attorney to get the most viable solution. In this post, we will discuss four situations where you can apply for the IRS penalty relief program. Read on.

If you are worried you may have unpaid payroll tax liabilities or are already in trouble with the IRS, we can help. Go to: MyIRSTeam​ or Call 972.484.0829 to schedule a free in-person consultation with one of our experienced tax professionals.