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Ebooks in Libraries

Archipelago: Adventures with E-books, Part 2: The Positives

Wonderful Librarian Elisabeth Abarbanel writes about her school library's foray into the world of ebooks.

2012 Library Ebook Usage Reports from Library Journal & School Library Journal

2012 reports on the driving factors behind library ebook usage activity and purchasing trends in the public, academic, and school (K-12) library markets.

Students Still Not Taking to E-Textbooks, New Data Show | Digital Book World

Despite the benefits of lower costs, lighter backpacks, added features and convenience, students just aren't taking to e-textbooks, a new study shows

Hot Off the (Library) Press - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Scholarly publishing by college libraries takes wildly different forms at different institutions. A new coalition is trying to make connections and share expertise.

The e-reading advantage - Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog

Overview of positives regarding ebooks in a school setting

Ebooks are actually not books-schools among first to realizing this fact | Digital Book World

Schools are realizing that ebooks are not books at all-they are software and they should be sold the way software is sold.

Pixelated: eReaders & iPads in the School Library

Blog from the coordinator of K-12 library & media services at Copley-Fairlawn City Schools, focusing on eReaders, eBooks, iPads, and digital video, specifically with a focus on how those devices and applications enable and empower students to access and create content.

Which way do we go? The "e-book" dilemma

A terrific "historic" post on ebook technology from 2009: "It's Beta vs. VHS vs. Laserdisc all over again. 8-Track tape versus cassette. We've all been there, standing on the precipice debating formats. The precipice which is foremost right now in my mind is what to do about e-books."

E-content: American Libararies Magazine

The official magazine of the American Library Association, the E-content companion blog posts weekly articles on various aspects of ebooks, rights management, and digital change.

No Shelf Required

Run by an academic librarian, this blog releases regular content, alerting readers to relevant news items, research, and professional organization news surrounding econtent.

68 essential resources for eBooks in libraries by Ellyssa Kroski

Ellyssa Kroski, Director of Information Technology at the New York Law Institute and the blogger for OEDb's iLibrarian, as well as a writer, educator, and international conference speaker, developed this list of 68 essential resources about eBooks in libraries. Ellyssa has organized the list into several broad categories including: general, devices, blogs, purchasing, creating, and more.

SLJ's School Ebook Market Directory

Ebook providers offer different selections of titles with varying terms. Which ones will best meet your school's needs and budget? School Library Journal's snapshot of 19 ebook vendors outlines the suppliers' range of offerings, terms of use, and pricing options. Do you want to buy your ebooks outright, or lease them?

The Best Apps For Reading Ebooks on the iPad for Power Readers

I am what the book industry calls a "power reader." I read a lot of books (at least 300 a year), and I read them quickly. With that sort of intake, using an

The Best iPad Digital Comic Book Readers
Whether you're into Chew, Rachel Rising, or just plain old Superman, these apps can transform your iPad or iPad mini into the ultimate digital comic book reader. Digital comics, represent somewhere between 10 to 12 percent of overall comic book purchases-a number that's expected to rise by the end of 2013 That's a lot of people reading a lot of comics on electronic devices.
The eBook Copyright Page Is Broken
E.S. Hellman* Cite as E.S. Hellman, The eBook Copyright Page is Broken, N.Y. L. Sch. L. Rev. (Apr. 24, 2013), The process of digitizing a printed book involves much more than the conversion of ink on paper to bits in a file. Functional aspects of the book must be mapped to digital equivalents.
OpenStax College

Access It Anywhere Besides being able to buy a super-cheap printed copy, you can read your OpenStax College book online or on a mobile device (web, PDF, EPUB). Make It Better Find a certain section difficult to grasp? Have a better way of explaining it?

A Student's Guide to Using the Kindle for Research

The Kindle is great for reading the occasional book, but you might not know that it's also a fantastic tool for students. When used correctly, it can essentially operate as a portable tool to keep all your books, notes, and research in one place.