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River Cruise & Travels

Explore the most beautiful destinations around the world, from Asia to Europe. There are many different kinds of cruise ships to choose from, each with their own unique style and appeal. From larger cruise ships with an amazing selection of amenities to choose from, to smaller, medium-sized ships that offer a combination of comfort and service.

About Us | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Vegan Culinary Cruises is one of the only vegan tour operators that charters entire ships for each of its cruise vacations. Unlike many other vegan cruise programs that take place on larger ships—where 50 + vegan passengers share a vessel with thousands of other guests— Vegan Culinary Cruises host a maximum of 50 (expeditions vessels) to 140 (established waterways) guests on 5-Star luxury vessels reserved just for us.

Why Should Make Your Vacations Luxurious?

A vacation is an opportunity to live a life of excitement and carefully-crafted experiences, even for a short amount of time. We at Kosher River Cruises make sure that every guest gets everything they're expecting on a kosher trip just as they expected it—pristine destinations, breathtaking views, and iconic experiences only found on a trip with Kosher River Cruise.

We make sure guests go on enjoyable Jewish trips every time they get on board. We even go the extra mile and add luxury to the mix because you deserve it.

A tribute to the Notre Dame – Kosher Travel Blog

The Notre Dame de Paris cathédrale is a Catholic church consecrated to the Virgin Mary and is considered to be one of the most astounding pieces of French Gothic architecture. Built from the 12th to the 14th century, it is one of the most extended standing buildings in the world that have survived through many epistemic crises until the recent fire that destroyed most of the dome of the cathedral.

What to Do in India by Kosher River Cruise

Home to one billion people, India is a land of mystery and diversity houses a mix of ancient temples and the fastest growing tech-industry in the world. Explore this beautiful country and get the opportunity to experience its sumptuous cuisine and centuries-old culture with kosher cruises and tours.

We all fall victim to the dreaded enemy of travel - overspending. Foreign currency is confusing! Sometimes buying is much easier than packing and shopping can be tempting. Going abroad isn't an excuse to blow your savings on rare finds. Keep in mind that what you brought with you for your trip is all you have and you absolutely can't afford to overspend.

Ways You Can Save Up on Your Tour

We all fall victim to the dreaded enemy of travel - overspending. Foreign currency is confusing! Sometimes buying is much easier than packing and shopping can be tempting. Going abroad isn't an excuse to blow your savings on rare finds. Keep in mind that what you brought with you for your trip is all you have and you absolutely can't afford to overspend.

3 Travel Ouchies Travelers Could Suffer From - Kosher Tour Guide

Whenever you go and travel—backpacking through Europe or simply kosher touring— you are supposed to have fun. It's all supposed to be fun and games, but there will be times when someone will get an ouchie.

Cajun Cuisine to try on your Jewish trips with Kosher River Cruise by Ben Goodman

Cajun is a form of cooking identifying the French-speaking Acadian people deported by the British from Acadia in Canada to what is now called the Acadiana region of Louisiana. Cajun cuisine is sometimes ascribed to as a 'rustic cuisine,' which simply means the food is sourced from locally available ingredients, and preparation is relatively simple.

5 Little Things You MUST Have with You When You Go on a Cruise – Kosher Travel Blog

Expert travelers are ready for whatever comes because they have these things with them. Check out the things you need to have with you while traveling.

Are Souvenirs A Necessary Take Home

A big chunk of our suitcase space is taken up by the souvenirs we buy on the trip. On a journey like a river cruise, you will be docking at many ports in different cities every day for the next nine to fourteen days of your cruise, which means you'll encounter hundreds of gift shops in every town, shopping center, and alleyway that you walk through.

Why Budapest Is a Worthwhile Jewish Vacation Destination by Kosher River Cruise

When on a Jewish vacation in Europe, particularly the Central Europe regions, a stay in the city of Budapest in Hungary is certainly a given. It is often called the Paris of the East for its awe-inspi...

Sites to See in Singapore

Formerly a British colony, Singapore is one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in the world. Read more on some of the best man-made wonders of the world that you can't miss seeing in person.

What Brings Guests Back Every Time | | Kosher River Cruise

Kosher River Cruise has been taking guests on extraordinary Jewish heritage tours for more than two decades. Part of our dedication is to be the definition of ideal Jewish holidays and to be each Jew’s first choice in luxurious kosher getaways, so we try and improve every trip—better guest experiences, minimizing inconveniences, and improved staff coordination.

This is Jewish Barcelona – Kosher Travel Blog

The Jewish history of Barcelona may be hiding in plain sight, but its footprint can't be denied. Check out the beautiful Jewish side of Barcelona.

Exotic Fruits to Try on Your Jewish Travel Experience by Kosher River Cruise

Travelling is all about taking risks and pushing yourself out of comfort zones. Taking risks doesn't have to be limited to things as terrifying as sky diving from an airplane or crawling through a 200...

Kosher Travel Blog: Three Travel Destinations for People in Their 20s

The best time to travel is undoubtedly in your 20s; you're at the point in your life where you've peaked. You're full of energy, always on the go, and your adrenaline never stops. Your travel destinations should match the amount of drive you have, so save the museums for later. There's a whole world to be explored by ship and foot.

What’s the Best Kind of Jewish Vacation for You?

Traveling has become much easier for Jews today. They no longer have to worry too much about where to stay or eat. Many travel companies are now more considerate of their needs, and there are more Jewish establishments to be found around the world.

Getting In Touch With Ancestors Through Heritage Tours

Heritage tours have become more popular with travelers in recent years. It is a type of tourism wherein one travels to experience and understand the places and the stories of people in the past as well as the present.

What Makes A Holiday Trip Kosher?

Going on kosher vacations has become more convenient for many Jews nowadays. There are many options that you can choose from. For example, you can go on a kosher tour that will take you on a culinary adventure around France, or you could go on a kosher river cruise along the Danube River in Central Europe and visit the many towns that used to have (or still have) Jewish communities.

Comprehensive Guide for Kosher Travellers

When you’re a kosher traveller with dietary restrictions, it’s hard to adjust to the local availability of food and beverage. Often, travel is associated with engaging in the local culture. With that in mind, food never gets out of the picture. Although Jewish trips have a wider selection for kosher travellers, the interest to explore new cities cannot be circumvented nor avoided.

Enjoying Solo Travel

Kosher River Cruises has all sorts of travelers, from groups to lone rangers. Some people think that traveling solo is lonely, but the lone ranger calls it serene. Sure, it would be nice to have company while you eat your meals, but on KRC you’re never lonely because the touring company encourages guests to interact with each other and make friends.

The Jewish Life Inside the City of Grapes | Kosher River Cruise

Avignon is known today as the quintessential charming French town it is with its showcase of Gothic architecture, Roman influence, and iconic landscapes. But what many people miss about Avignon are the stories its walls have witnessed over the years.