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Prompt Urgent Care

Consult the School Physical in San Antonio

Are you looking for a school physical? If so, urgent care physicals in San Antonio is offering the finest urgent care services. With the help of experienced medical professionals, the walk-in clinic has been striving to deliver services with no appointment needed.

Prompt Urgent Care: On-Site X-Ray Machine

If you don’t have any prior experience with prompt urgent care centers, you might wonder how they exactly function. What you don’t know could affect your perspective regarding their facilities, consequently giving rise to false information about the quality of care they render.
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Choose The Best Medical Benefits Under Worker’S Compensation Laws

The workers’ compensation law refers to an insurance that avails wage replacements and medical benefits in case of illness or accidents during the course of employment.The medical benefits under workers compensation law can be utilized at any medical facility like Prompt Urgent Care.
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Complete Physicals Care In San Antonio

We all know the importance of health in our life, but when it comes to our children, we must be more careful. To ensure the children's safety, we have school physical every year before the beginning of the session. This is to make sure that your kid has gone through every possible medical examination.
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Prompt Urgent Care celebrating 5 years

This year's celebration will mark 5 successful years of dedicated service to the people of San Antonio. The greatest achievement for the urgent care clinic in this time is that it has managed to work on the lines it was founded on.
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Choose Best Urgent Care Clinic in San Antonio

Urgent care, walk-in clinic, medical clinic and convenient care clinic are some of the terms that are often used interchangeably. But they are not alike. Each one has some slight difference which we should be aware of.
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Prompt Urgent Care to complete 5 years on September 2nd 2019

Prompt Urgent Care will be celebrating 5 years of offering exceptional urgent care services on September 2nd 2019. Over the years, it has become a name synonymous with high quality and timely medical care services for the residents of San Antonio.
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Workers compensation|Prompt Urgent Care

When you get injured in an accident or get moderate to extreme burns, it is the best way to contact emergency medical care services quickly. They come to pick up you and will safely take you to the clinic and serve you.Prompt Urgent Care is the best option. They provide you excellent emergency medical care services.For More Details Visit Us @ Prompt Urgent Care

Get Ready For Sneezing, Congestion and Itchy Eyes, Its Allergy Season!

We all know the areas of South and Central Texas are notorious for cedar, pollen and juniper allergens. That being said, here are a couple of ways you can protect yourself from the seasonal discomfort.
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Searching For Urgent Care Physicals in San Antonio

Are you looking for urgent care physicals in San Antonio? Here are some of the reasons why people prefer urgent care offer other options.
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Why Should I Visit An Urgent Care Clinic After Auto Accident / Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are horrific to say the least. Besides the damage caused to your vehicle, you might even have to deal with your own injuries. And if your injuries are serious, you might be looking at several weeks of rest at home, and hefty medical expenses to go with it, as if your injury and pain weren’t enough of a punishment.
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Three Points Guide to Beating Spring Allergies This Season

Oh, Spring again! This is that wonderful time of year when the weather begins to get warmer and everything in your garden is blooming to welcome the new season. But this new season is not pleasant to all.
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Get an Urgent Care Physicals in San Antonio.

Young children love to carry out physical activities whenever they get free time. Their daily chores may include playing with their friends in polluted environments without knowing the risk of health issues.
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Visit an immediate Care Clinic in San Antonio 

With winters, the flu season has also arrived. To avoid getting caught in the stubborn flu, follow these easy tips and save yourself.
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The aspect about these clinics that has contributed the most to their popularity and emergence, is the elimination of waiting time that patients have grown used to.
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We at Prompt Urgent Care Center provide best comprehensive health care to our patients. We trust that if lab work is ordered then it should be done in a proper way that is suitable to the patient. We deliver quality & compassionate medical care so you can start feeling good.

Choose the Right Health Care Facility

When you have an injury or an illness, you turn to a doctor who can treat you. Although the medical study is a practice of science, the works of the healthcare professionals make you believe in miracles.
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Choose best Walk in Clinic in San Antonio Texas

If you are searching for a reliable walk in clinic San Antonio, then keep in mind Prompt Urgent Care is such a health clinic. Our certified medical professionals are available to immediately treat your urgent care requirements. We’re sure that you’ll have an excellent experience with us.

Best Pediatric Urgent Care in San Antonio

If your child has suffered a minor injury or illness, it's important that you don’t choose general urgent care but a specialized pediatric urgent care center in San Antonio to make sure that your child’s medical requires are addressed effectively in a timely manner.

Things To Consider When You Need Urgent Care

Sudden pain in the neck caused by the weather change or a minor injury due to a fall may not be life-threatening but you need immediate medical attention. If you or your loved ones have any of these conditions, look for the Prompt Urgent Care center in your area.
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Here’s What You Should Know About P.R.I.C.E. - The First Aid for Sprains

If you have encountered a sprain before, you will know the pain you go through. As it is known to cause difficulties in movement, you need to seek first aid treatment for the condition. P.R.I.C.E. is a method that is used to provide recovery to your ankles.
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6 Advantages Of Taking Your Child To Pediatric Care Center

Are you looking for urgent care center for immediate medical care for your child? Urgent care pediatrics are always available for help. Urgent care pediatrics in San Antonio are designed to save unnecessary trips to the emergency room.
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Best Motor Vehicle Injuries Clinic in San Antonio

If you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident and get ready to start the healing process, call Prompt Urgent Care at 210-585-2273 or fill out our form to schedule an appointment today!

What is the coronavirus and COVID-19?

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. Coronaviruses was first identified n the 1950s and is very similar to most viral illnesses including flu and the common cold.
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Walk in clinic open 7 days | Prompt Urgent Care

Visit our website or our urgent care center in San Antonio and get excellent care. Our medical team has a collective goal to confirm you feel better as quickly as possible. We accept walk-ins and are open 7 days a week!