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Adoptees & Families Searching

There is a huge flood of adoptees and other family members searching on Facebook. While the adoption community is trying to keep up with them and share them, it's hard to keep up and share in one place. This list will allow all to add to them, and most importantly EMBED this list all over while keeping up with the flood of images.


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Annastasia McPherson's Photos | Facebook

DOB August 29, 1979 @ 1:45 pm
Cascade Valley Hospital Arlington, Washington
Possible name of natural mother - Lisa
Adoption Agency - Burden Bearers
Please share!
(Annastasia Mcpherson is the wife of adoptee searcing)


**We are searching for my brother in law

Male Adoptee born in Allentown, PA March 10, 1973

Please email us at our facebook page or directly at if you have any leads or know someone who might fit this description.

Feel free to follow our journey by liking our page.

Thank You!**


Born 10/28/1976 Brooklyn,NY
ISO My Birth Father Andy Brooklyn, NY. He was living at 8855 or 8814 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, NY 1974-1977. With his Grandmother P Novack or Novak , Possible Relatives David and Sylvia Novack or Novak .David worked for Grumman. Andy Is supposed to be Hungarian; He came to the USA with his mother and Grandmother in the late 60's to early 70's. He was 26 around 1974-1976. He worked for a Construction Company on 86th street. He had Sandy hair, Blue eyes, Birthday in the fall and a Christian man. Please share and help me find my Birth Father my e-mail is Thank you!!
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Female Adopee 5-26-91 Merrillville, Indiana

Marti Breskin
Born May 26, 1991
Merrillville, Indiana

What I know about my birth-mother:

She was a sophomore in high school and was 16 years old at the time of my birth. Her first name is April (unless my parents lied about that little detail) but I don't know what her last name is. I don't remember what her father did, but I do know he made good money in the auto industry

I was adopted by a Jewish couple who live in Long Island (New York). My birth-mother and my parents had contact before I was born but didn't meet until after May 26

This has worked for others so I hope this works for me

Please share!

Female Adoptee 11-28-1977 UTAH

Female adoptee searching
Born Utah 11/28/1977

Hello, I am Melissa and I am adopted. I am searching for any birth family. Here is my information:

Date of Birth: 11/28/1977 (*ABC)

State of birth: Utah (*ABC)

Hospital: Holy Cross (*ABC)
Birth Mother age 19
Birth Father age 22 Age at Adoption: Birth
Private Attorney/Private adoption: Roy S Barton

Thank you, thank you to all who share! This has been a nearly life long dream to fully understand who I am and where I come from.

Female adoptee 4-17-1981 Beaumont Hospital; Royal Oak, MI.

DOB: April 17, 1981
Adoptee Name: Danielle Armstrong
Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI.
ISO: birth parents.

I was born April 17, 1981 at 2:54PM, at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI.

Female Adoptee 7-3-76 Sacramento, CA

DOB July 3, 1976
Sacramento, CA

Hello everyone please pass this along! I am trying to find my birth mother and I need your help doing it!! Please like, share, add, talk about it. Whatever you do, will help me! Thank you!!!!!!

Female Adoptee DOB November 11, 1980 Corning, NY

DOB November 11, 1980 Corning, NY
I’m searching for my biological parents and need your help. Please LIKE or SHARE this with anyone and everyone you know. I was born on November 5, 1980 in Corning, NY (but new information now suggests that my birth date may have been changed). My birth name may have been “Jessica”. My birth mother was 17 years old, weighed approximately 130 lbs at the time, 5’ 2” tall, blue eyes, blondish-brown hair and had not re-enrolled to return to high school. My biological father was described as in his early 20s, a handsome man, a high school graduate and worked as a mechanic. I do not wish to disrupt anyone's life--only to know for medical reasons and my own peace of mind. My ultimate dream is to have a relationship with one or both of my biological parents, but I understand if that's not possible. If anyone out there knows anything about my biological parents, please contact me at Thank you and God bless!


In Search of Biological Family

In Search of Biological Family

Born August 10, 1974 in Bradenton, Florida. We were adopted in 1976. I have one older brother that I know of (Robbie/Robert). Approx 2 years older than I am. We were adopted in Ulster County NY. He reached out for a visit when I was a child but unfortunately adopted parents wouldn't let me see him. His last known where about's where in still in Upstate NY. My birth name was Kitty. Our adopted last name was Phillips. Unfortunately I don't know any thing about our biological family.

ISO Father Vittorio

He was in London 1963/1964
Dated a woman named Patricia


Jenifer Henderson Studstill Bass

Jenifer Henderson Studstill Bass
Looking for my birth brother born Rico Falvella Birthday 1/4/1984

Rico was in DC foster care in the early 1990's when he was about age 6. He still went by the name Rico Falvella which leads me to believe that his name is still Rico, or he has to at least know what his full name was at that age. He is mixed with Black & White. Please contact if you have any information. Thank you!


Lynch & Santiago

Lynch & Santiago

Female child born in December 1965

Male adoptee 3-24-72 Lansing MI

DOB; 3-24-1972
Sparrow Hospital Lansing

Male Adoptee 9-25-1973 Sand Springs OK

I learned of my adoption in 2007, at the age of 33. My wife & I have been desperately searching for my birth family ever since. I know very little regarding my birth and adoption:

-I was born in Sand Springs,OK on SEPT. 25,1973 at the SALVATION ARMY HOME FOR UNWED MOTHERS.
-My birth mother was 15-17 at the time of my birth.
-I was adopted in November of 1973 at 6 weeks old through DHS in Oklahoma City,OK to the Thorne family.

That's it. That's all I know. Makes my search pretty hard!

I live a happy and productive life, but there is something missing. I long to know where I came from. What my birth parents look like. My medical history. If I have any siblings. The list goes on and on. There are a lot of missing pieces, and I'm hoping this page will help me find some answers. I feel like I have a right to know the TRUTH.


Thanks for stopping by!!

Male adoptee October 1, 1974 Gainesville, FL

DOB October 1, 1974
Shands Hospital Gainesville, Florida
12:33 am
Adopted from Florida Children's Home approximately 1976 in Ocala, Florida
Possible birth name ~ David

Mary Grace “Our Mother's Name” Phillips - Google+

“Our Mother's Name”Mary Grace Phillips ISO Sister that was placed for adoption born 1-11-58 in Durham North Carolina-

Adoptee Name: Donna Lynn



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