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APT Mold provides high quality plastic injection molding and rapid prototyping services. Including CNC machined prototypes, 3D printed prototypes, tooling and molds for injection molding, injection molding of thermoplastic materials, stamping of metal materials, CNC machined production parts and cost-effective assembly.

Plastic Injection Molding

Offering rapid tooling and plastic injection molding services, and completely support in DFM from the begining till the end.

APT Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing Services

APT Mold provides high quality plastic injection molding and rapid prototyping services. Including CNC Machined Prototypes, 3D Printed Prototypes, Tooling and Molds for Injection Molding, Injection molding of thermoplastic materials, Stamping of metal materials, CNC Machined Production Parts and Cost-effective Assembly

CNC Machining Services - Rapid Prototyping in China

APT is the most trusted CNC Machining supplier in China, which including CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and Precision CNC Machining. Plus, also provide 3d printing with prototype finishing.

Low Volume Manufacturing Services

APT low volume manufacturing and quick parts manufacturing services offer the advantages-fast production of complex parts and the ability to make frequent revisions from 50 - 10,000 parts.

Cost-Effective Assembly Services

Our assembly capabilities range from simple to complex. We can perform simple tasks like assembling parts together with screws or via heat staking. We also offer the capability for full ultrasonic welding.

Custom Metal Stamping Services

APT Mold Provides custom metal stamping servcies which includes a variety of sheet-metal forming processes.

Design Services

Need world-class industrial design and product development services? Our US-based industrial design partner, Carter Design, Inc., offers award-winning creative services to provide you a competitive edge with outstanding user-centric ergonomics and cutting-edge aesthetics. Our team prides itself on best-in-class part design and detailing as well as superb usability and appearance—where good design also means providing multiple ways to reduce product costs via intelligent part design and consolidation. Visit Carter Design’s website here for complete information.

Have A Similar Project?

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial computer control system. APT Mold was selected to mold the parts for this PLC Housing system because of our outstanding track record of producing high-quality parts at very low costs and while meeting incredibly short development lead times.

About Us

APT Mold Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturing company located in Southern China. We specialize in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and low-volume manufacturing as well as mass production. Our many years of experience in manufacturing allow us to provide suggestions for DFM (Design For Manufacturability) as part of our quoting process. Our recommendations will help you optimize your design and reduce manufacturing costs.

Everything You Need To Know About CNC Machining Cutting Tools

If you are using CNC for manufacturing purposes in business or for building things as a part of the hobby, you need to look at the following things to know about this tool better.

Rapid Tooling and Its Relation to Small Production

Rapid tooling uses CNC machining in its process. This is means that the manufacturing processes engage the utilization of computers to manipulate machine implements. This implement includes the grinder, routers, lathes, and mills.

Choosing the Right Material for Plastic Molding

Every material in plastic injection molding has its own properties. This is why it is important to know the defining characteristics of each of them before selecting the right one for the plastic injection molding process.

CNC Machining: When do you give its prototypes the green light?

For those who are unfamiliar with this technology, you should be able to guess what it is all about. CNC run machines are basically computer operated machines, which are used for large-scale manufacture of goods and items. From making an aluminium prototype to a full-scale product, these devices can do it all.

Let’s know about a rapid prototyping company in China

Our manufacturing services help you in identifying the difference between improvements in the product without being making the comparison in economic scales.

Tooling and Injection Molding Services for Products

APT talk about the tooling and injection molding services for your products services. You can know more about the relation between these 2 processes.

Talk about the CNC rapid prototyping

CNC rapid prototyping involves some advanced technologies and this form of technology can be useful to various sectors in today's society.

Know more about the CNC machining process for MacBook Pro case

Let’s talk about how macbook pro is created by cnc machining, cnc milling process, that’s amazing.

Rapid Prototyping used in manufacturing process are based on 3D modeling and 3D printing as well as the use of synthetic materials such as photopolymers, plastics, and adhesives to bring the prototype to life.

Tips for Designing Injection Molded Plastic Parts

APT Mold shares a quick round of tips to design and create the right molded plastic parts without breaking the bank.

4 Causes for Broken Cutter on CNC Machines

We are going to explain some of these issues and some of the things you can do to prevent the cutter broken on CNC machine.

How is Water Related to a Plastic Injection Process?

We are sharing some tips that how to use water to work with plastic injection molding processes.

Rough introducing what the use of cnc router bits and what are the main differences.

Learning With APT Mold - How does Design Services for Rapid Prototyping Work

Rapid Prototyping used in manufacturing process are based on 3D modeling and 3D printing as well as the use of synthetic materials such as photopolymers, plastics, and adhesives to bring the prototype to life.

Learning About Prototypes – How Important is the Quality Inspection for Rapid Prototyping?

The continuous inspection of your prototype is bound to reveal little details that will provide more insightful data about the performance efficiency of your product.

The Importance of Quality Material in Injection Molding Process

The materials you choose to work with for injection molding process really matter and have a clear impact on the work you are doing for your clients.