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Natural Stones

Stacked stones are one of the excellent ways to mingle the natural beauty of natural stones in your spaces. But, do you know what stacked stones are and how to use to beautify your spaces? Let’s take a brief tour to get familiarity with it.


Stacked Stone - All You Need to Know About Stacked Natural Stones

Stacked stones are one of the excellent ways to mingle the natural beauty of natural stones in your spaces. But, do you know what stacked stones are and how to use to beautify your spaces? Let’s take a brief tour to get familiarity with it.

Making the right selection for your stone requirements is a bit tricky if you are not aware of many critical things regarding natural stones. Thereby, World of Stones, USA has initiated a guiding post for stone lovers.

10 Types of Natural Stone Finishes for Different Applications

We know various stone finishes render natural stones useful for different applications and bring aesthetic to the spaces. Let’s understand the top ten types of natural stone finishes from World of Stone, USA to make a sensible decision.

8 Reasons Why Landscape Architects Love Natural Stone

Landscapes architects have ample choices of material, but they lean more toward the natural stones. Let’s know some of the valid reasons behind it.

Driveway Pavers - Best Choice to Boost Your Home Value

A driveway constructed from natural stones in frontage of your home or office provides beautiful opportunities to augment the curb appeal and boost your property values the next level. Let’s learn how it could be in your case and how to leverage the benefits of natural stones in it.

Natural Stone Restoration - All You Need to Know

Natural stone restoration is an ongoing process, and you have to accomplish it at regular intervals like per annum or more years. Therefore, adequate understanding regarding the processes and requirements make a difference in obtaining the services. Let’s learn a few things about stone restoration in the current post.

10 Natural Stone Wall Ideas for Exterior Areas of Your Home

Walls with natural stones are in great demand today. Stones are ideal construction material for exterior applications. If you strive for design variations and looking for innovative design concept with real-world photos, the current post is exclusively for you.

Granite Pavers – Best Natural Stone for Patio in 2019

Granite paver is the best natural stone for your patio project in 2019. The current post depicts how granite is a superior choice against other natural stones. Its properties and differentiators established as the most sought after stone pavers for outdoor applications like patios.

Quartzite - All You Need to Know about Quartzite Natural Stone

In the series of introduction to various rocks, World of Stones, USA is going to expose various facts & properties of Quartzite Rocks at geological point of views. Let’s explore a knowledge-rich journey through the blogs, and know Quartzite natural stones today.

Natural Stone Suppliers – Top Dealers in the United States for Patio Paving - World of Stones USA Blog | Natural Ston...

World of Stones, USA founded in 1999, and grown rapidly to be one of the leading global Indian Natural Stone suppliers with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service. World of Stones, USA remains a family run business which holds …

20 Best Natural Stepping Stones Ideas for Your Garden in 2019

Walking in the garden in your property becomes more exciting and fun when you install stepping stones to create a beautiful path with the excellent utility. Natural stones, when used as a stepping stone in your garden assimilate its natural and inherent beauty with the glory of the garden.

8 Ways to Choose the Right Product for Cleaning Your Natural Stone Paving

Do you want to maintain lustrous look-n-feel of natural stone pavers? Regular cleaning and maintenance is the first step in that direction. Appropriate methods of cleaning and right-cleaning products as well as tools/equipment are extending the life of stones besides enhancement of appearance & utility.

2019 Outdoor Flooring Trends That Change Your Life

For a homeowner, outdoor paving always becomes a matter of pride because guests, friends, and people are approaching those spaces even before entering into the house. Façade, backyard, and paths are the places where we want to follow the latest outdoor flooring trends in 2019. World of Stones, USA is going to present some good hints in due course. Let’s check it.

10 Types of Natural Stone That Can Be Found in India and Their Uses

The occurrence of natural stones in India is in abundance. You can find dozens of leading stone stypes and their varieties useful in construction and landscaping industries. Indian stones are famous globally, and nearly 25% of its total production is exporting to the USA alone.

Types of Porcelain Tiles - All You Need to Know

Porcelain tile is a versatile option in the modern construction industry. It is worth to know about its application-related aspects before making your choice. World of Stones, USA is going to introduce you some interesting facts and figures regarding the porcelain tiles. Let’s take a tour.

Natural Stone Veneer – 10 Things You Need to Know about Thin Natural Stones

If you ever had Google for a single word “Veneer” and end up with teeth veneers on the dental crown, you might have realized that the concept of stone veneer in the construction industry is not farther than that.

Stone Stairs & Step Pavers - All You Need to Know

Stone stairs are existing for centuries, and today we have a variety of options to design different types of stairs using the natural stone pavers available in your vicinity. World of Stones, USA is a key distributor and supplier to bring world-class natural step pavers for your staircase design projects at cost-effective rates.

Mudstone – Meaning, Uses, Facts, Properties & Color

Mudstone is a kind of Mudrock made from the predominant clay particles during sedimentation and metamorphism processes beneath the land. World of Stones, USA is opening a rich chapter to furnish useful info regarding less-known mudstone and its applications.

Natural Stone vs. Wood – Which Is Better for Flooring?

Natural stone vs. wooden flooring is always a debate for decades. Recent, tech advancements have made it possible to use both kinds of flooring materials freely anywhere in your building at far cheaper rates than you think. However, natural stone is a superior choice in many respects, and World of Stones in the USA is illustrating the same in the post.

Sandstone - Meaning, Uses, Facts, Properties & Color

Sandstone is an integral natural stone material in the construction industry for centuries. However, our knowledge regarding it is limited. World of Stones, USA is going to create awareness regarding various natural stones for exterior applications, and today sandstone is a choice of topic.

10 Ways To Add Texture To Your Home With Natural Stone

Texture in your living spaces acts as a pinch of salts to taste the natural beauty. World of Stones, USA is pointing ten ways to add texture in your homes using various stone products in creative ways.

The Durability of Natural Stone - All You Need to Know

Natural stone brings natural beauty and elegance in your building and landscape. When you use natural rocks in your construction, you ultimately boost the reselling value of the property thanks to durability properties of the natural rocks.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Landscape with Natural Pebble Stone

Natural pebble stones are decorative elements in landscaping for centuries, and modern suppliers make it available for everyone across the globe. World of Stones, USA is giving a different way to adorn your landscape using pebble stones with natural beauty.

White Fantasy Granite - All You Need to Know

White Fantasy Granite is a far better choice against marbles as well as real granites. It offers all the benefits you can expect from the quartzite or granite stones, yet you can grab marble-like look-n-feel. World of Stones, USA is introducing you to an amazing stone product that everyone will love.

Natural Vinyl Flooring Tiles Can Change Your Home

Natural vinyl tiles are highly popular among the low to middle economy people across the world. It helps in changing the look-n-feel of the home by offering an alluring yet highly functional and affordable flooring solution. World of Stones, USA is giving answers to numerous queries and curiosity regarding vinyl flooring by providing deep insights into an awesome interior home flooring material.