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Your Terminal/Telecom Device Type Approval and PTA NOC/COC/Licensing Partner for Pakistan

We help you approve your wireless and telecommunication equipment in Pakistan

Your one-window stop for expert guidance on all telecommunication regulatory and clearance matters in Pakistan. This includes PTA Type Approval, PTA NOC/COC for all of your telecom and terminal equipment in Pakistan, CVAS Licences, Mobile Assembly licences and Telecom Infrastructure Licences.

PTA Exempted List of Devices for Type Approval

Here is the list of all the devices that are now exempt from PTA for the Type Approval:

  1. Networking Equipment: These are the devices that are used to make a direct connection, switch, and boost or combine the data of information with a computer or telecommunication network. The names of a few networking devices are:

● Hubs, switches, routers, repeaters and extenders, bridges, gateways, multiplexer, transceivers, firewalls, wireless access points (WAP), VoIP and IP Telephony, and modular.

  1. No Sim Based Devices: The names itself says it all. These are the devices that are not having access to GSM. In simple words, these devices are not having the option or jacket to insert the SIM in it. As these devices cannot be tracked by the GPS system. The names of a few devices for your better understanding are:

● Laptops, Tablets, Personal Computers, Wireless Speakers, Bluetooth devices.

  1. GPS Only Devices

  2. Smart watches without Sim or Tracking Features

Apart from these devices that are being exempted by PTA, there are also those devices that were previously exempt items but now these are not. As now these devices require Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Type Approval/NOC: The list is:

● RFID/Bluetooth/NFC devices:

● WI-FI Access Points Operating in ISM Band

● Low powered/short range

● Keyless entry system/remote controls

Importance of COC for Consignments Imported into Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the only organization that provides you with the authority of having Telecom Equipment within the country. And to have that authority you need to go through some important, yet basic procedures of paperwork. But to have it all easy, Nano Technology Solutions will be helping those people to bring up their consignment within the country premises with proper authority and permission. Read More.

List of Pakistan Telecom Equipment Usage within the Country

Pakistan is a developing country and with the passage of time, it is grabbing the hand on technology also. Though there are many other countries that step faster than us but the advancement of technology in our country is in a good position too, while comparing to other developing countries. With the advent of time and advancement in technology, the new equipment must be installed within the country for the best setup of the service. And to avail the best, we have to use the best Pakistan Telecom Equipment. As PTA has updated the list past 8 years ago. Here is the list of top 5 equipment that is used in Pakistan as a developing country

Technology plays an important role in our lives. At this era of time, every individual has its personal gadget and good access over the world of internet. As for whether it is social media or professional media. They are somehow linked. Whereas, all the gadgets and equipment are not generated within the country. They are imported and while doing so, many rules and regulations are followed that are generated by high authorities of the country’s telecommunication system. It is the purpose of security, trading and many economic issues of the country that what technology is being imported and on how much amount. So to keep a level and better using of equipment. Following rules must be followed by every individual who is using gadget of any type that needs Pakistan Telecommunication Regulatory Approval to have access for normal routine use.

List of Devices Included in Pakistan Wireless Equipment Regulatory Approval

Using any kind of electronic device whether it’s a normal smartphone or any other laptop or tab, it must be approved by the Pakistan telecommunication authority. Without their consent, the use of that particular device is banned in Pakistan. There are a number of cases in which people are using devices which are being exported to Pakistan illegally. In some cases, they are automatically not used by the receiver due to the policy of the respective country from which they are brought up. But most people do use without making them approved in Pakistan.

The technology is getting advanced day by day and the best advantage for this is that we can avail it in many ways. Pakistan is a country equipped with Wireless ISP Setup that enables us to use a variety of gadgets on a go that is wireless and without any irritation of wires around you. The rays around us help this setup to do working and through this, a vast range of broadband internet is taking place. It is an unstoppable setup that provides its services 24/7 and to avail it with the possibilities, uses these security Pakistan Wireless Equipment for your own good and safety.

Services Provided By Pakistan Telecommunication Equipment - Medium

As we know the use of telecommunication equipment has been increasing rapidly with the growth rate in Pakistan. As in the increased demand for 3G and 4G mobile network is so fast that the rate of Pakistan telecommunication equipment is also going to its peak. They are providing a huge deal of services to the people by offering different modes for telecommunication. Since Pakistan is having a market whose potential is so high to manufacture new handsets and other devices for telecommunication purpose but the vendors are not ready to put in their investment and produce such equipment for local and personal use.

The Importance Of Pakistan Telecom Equipment NOC In The Market

Telecom or telecommunication equipment refers to every single device which can be used for the purpose of communication. Communication means sending and receiving the data in both ways. Now it consists of many devices from transmission lines, multiplexers, base transceiver stations, telephones, and radios to computers. As the data through which we are communicating might be important or secret. That device through which this whole program is being done should be properly authorized. Pakistan telecom equipment NOC is mandatory in this case. Pakistan market of telecom equipment must be assured with this fact of getting the NOC.

Hardships to People and Companies having Pakistan Telecom Equipment COC

Every country in the world is having a good business. There is no company that says; “The government has affected us and so does the budget from them.” They are earning a lot. Same is the case with PTA. This company is having a huge responsibility but it never says that their duties lack after the issuance of huge budgets. They still provide the same services. But these are all because of COC that is being issued by PTA to highly authorized companies. It’s not an easy job to do, where there is the charm and hard work there is a will and same with it are Hardships that turns their business faces. For More Details Visit Here

Tasks performed in Pakistan telecommunication consultancy

To get a business or doing business on a small or either large scale of any field is not complete without having a person who can give advice against all the issues. Rather the issue is of no use or you can say one can ignore it, but to get the proper way of resolving it that business requires a person which is known to be a consultant. Similarly, in Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA every single decision or advice against any issue is taken by its consultant. Pakistan telecommunication consultancy is a field in which a person is liable for all the problems to be solved in the correct way.

Telecommunication Equipment Approval by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA

Doing business on a large scale can be difficult for the company or anyone who is having an individual business as well. Such companies who are working in the field of telecommunication equipment must know that it is not safe to work without having the approval of such telecommunication devices. As Pakistan is a country where the dangerous time can chase you or may give you the tough time to opt with. In this case, one should keep the proper precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the business and all the other issues as well. Visit here for More Details.

Procedure to get Pakistan Telecommunication equipment COC

Whatever technology we are using nowadays are all approved by PTA. Without their approval, it is impossible to operate it inside the country you are living in. Every country has its own rules and regulations to follow. And to follow it, there are certain steps to be made to make sure that the user will be authentic and authorized. Here you will get the idea that hoe you can get COC of any PTA equipment. As it is the most important document between any technology company and a country where the types of equipment are to be shipped or imported.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) holds a great command on any device to be approved. To have the approval of any telecom equipment it is necessary to first take the Type Approval and Certification of Compliance (COC) from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). And then, later on, the last approval, yet the first as hidden is required and that is the PTA License.

It is hereby a rule that after a specific time period every license needs renewal. And for the license, that is being required for import and export system that need to be looked after really well. And for this, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) never showed any non-serious way of work. The license of Pakistan Mobile Approval was set to be placed in 1996 when it was in a rule that every telecom device will be able to enter within the country premises with the license. And now at the time era of 2019, its renewal has been announced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Need for mobile NOC for custom clearance and approval

The usage of import phones is increasing day by day by the people. Now people are in habit of using mobile phones which are imported from some other country and then used by others. Despite this fact, people must know that having imported phones for usage are not easy now. Pakistan telecommunication authority has now made it impossible without getting the mobile NOC and approval for custom clearance. Mobile phones for personal and commercial both need approval for the usage in Pakistan.

Essential Rules and Regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Type Approval

The rules and regulations for the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Type Approval devices were set back in Islamabad on November 2nd, 2000. It was a complete gazette of fifty-eight pages that makes it difficult for everyone to have a thorough read. So here you go with all the basic yet important rules for any telecom equipment device approval or application

The Requirement of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority NOC for Telecommunication Devices

In Pakistan mostly people tend to bring the telecommunication devices from abroad for various purposes. Usage of such telecommunication devices will be possible only if they will get the approval from Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA. The only organization which allows such devices to be operates in Pakistan. After getting the Pakistan telecommunication authority NOC from the same organization the person will be able to operate the SIM functionality as well. Now the process of getting NOC from Pakistan telecommunication authority is all done by the user who will bring or import such devices to Pakistan. After completing all the procedures regarding this purpose the person will get the NOC.

Fee & other charges of PTA Type Approval

In these types of approving applications, the charges are counted as two categories i.e. Initial License Fee and Annual License Fee. The PTA Type Approval is said to be given as per given two factors and consequences. It is up to the applicant for what type of approval it is applying for and getting the permission grant.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) holds a great command on any device to be approved. To have the approval of any telecom equipment it is necessary to first take the Type Approval. Certification of Compliance (COC) from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) then is also required at the time of import, in case the devices are sim based. But foremost of all, if the devices are tracking devices, then the PTA VAS license for tracking services is required as the first step.

Which License is required by ISPs in Pakistan "Pakistan ISP License"?

Internet Services Providers (ISPs) have gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of decades. With the ever increasing internet bandwidth, improved and efficient infrastructure availability, better last mile connectivity and improved engineering usage, ISPs have changed the market dynamic in terms of creating their unique value proposition in niche segments as against to a time when there used to be less and less options available for the whole market to consume internet services.

Pakistan ISP License

Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards (COC)

The objective of this quick read will be to explore Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)’S Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards (COC) /No Objection Certificate as part of PTA Approvals. It is to be firstly clarified that this document used to be called previously as PTA No Objection Certificate (NOC) for both individual and commercial entities. However, as part of the changing regulations in the right direction, this document has now been termed as Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards (COC) by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). So, please be sure that you are aware the COC and NOC refer to the same document interchangeably.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) – An overview of the regulated Approvals

The final PTA approval we have mentioned above, is in regards to the clearance of import shipments and is known as the Certificate of Compliance to Technical standards (COC). COC is mandatory for the clearance of all sim based devices from Pakistan Customs and hence becomes a critical document to obtain in time to avoid any unpleasant delays with the shipment clearance.

If somehow the applicants are unable to provide the above mentioned documentation on the right time, PTA shall not process the request forward and may ask to update and re-submit the application with required information. This can obviously cause a significant delay in acquiring the license, and may delay the project plan altogether. So it is always better to have all the required documentations ready before hand.

There are also many other documents that are required to be submitted with the application package; like a detailed project plan, financial plan, business plan, operational, network roll out and maintenance plan, technical plan, customer support services plan and financial forecast plan.

According to PTA Act 1996 (Section 29) every fixed or wireless equipment such as Network Devices, Terminals, Access Points and Routers etc. should be PTA approved or else it shall be blocked for public usage. PTA’s team can visit any ISP to ensure that all the equipment being used is PTA approved or not.

Here concludes the brief description of all the licenses that are required for an approved ISP. Every license has its own pre requisites and requirements; Nano Technology Solutions is here to help you to avail these licenses, guiding you at each step. With hundreds of satisfied customers our company has been serving from years. For any queries, suggestion and feedback please email us at: OR visit: