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New Patients, Inc.

New Patients, Inc. is one of the trusted dental practice marketing companies. With our proven history of marketing services, we specialize in providing a range of expert dental marketing services like Google Adwords, social media marketing, video & content marketing, SEO etc.


Get in Touch With New Patients Inc for Dental Marketing Strategy

Get in Touch With New Patients Inc for Dental Marketing Strategy

New Patients, Inc. is a full-service dental marketing company for dentists. We provide world-class marketing service including dental website design, video marketing, SEO, dental practice online reputation management, and more. Get in touch today!

Two Dental Marketing Experts Walk into a Bar…Love Your Website Again

Learn how regular maintenance and upgrades of your website can help you to boost your dental marketing.


Contact New Patients, Inc. for Professional Dental Marketing in Las Vegas, NV

New Patients, Inc. is a full-service professional dental marketing firm in Las Vegas, NV. We provide online and offline dental marketing services to our clients such as video marketing, SEO, social media, Google Adwords, print media, call marketing, and more. To learn more, visit

New Patients Inc. - Your Trusted Online Dental Marketing Company

New Patients Inc. is one of the leading online marketing companies for dentists. We use state-of-the-art marketing techniques to help dentists find new patients and grow their dental practices. For details, call us or visit our website.

New Patients Inc. - A Leading Social Media Marketing Services Provider for Dentists

Want to promote your local dental practice on social media channels? Get in touch with New Patients Inc. We have years of experience in helping dentists and dental practices to enhance their visibility on various social media channels.

New Patients INC. – An Online Marketing Firm Exclusively for Dentists

New Patients Inc. is the name you can count on when looking for a dental marketing company. Our range of services includes online & offline dental marketing, mass media marketing, PPC, and much more .


Choose New Patients, Inc. for Effective Dental SEO Services

Choose New Patients, Inc. for Effective Dental SEO Services

New Patients, Inc. is a leading SEO and marketing firm exclusively for dentists. Our team of SEO and marketing experts has over 20 years of experience, helping dentists and dental practices to find new dental patients.


New Patients Inc. - A Team of Dental PPC Marketing Experts

New Patients Inc. - A Team of Dental PPC Marketing Experts

Find new dental patients in quick time with dental PPC marketing services from New Patients Inc. We are a team of PPC experts, committed to helping our clients get new qualified patients in a quick time.

Here is a list of 3 business marketing media options that should never be considered.

Here are the 6 key steps to follow when creating a social media strategy to promote your dental practice.

How to Allocate Your Marketing Budget – Which Mediums Are Worth the Risk!

Informative guide to set and allocate your Marketing Budget, read which mediums are worth the risk!

3 Marketing Media Ideas That Should Never Be Considered

Some mass marketing media options are not worth spending on your ad budget. Here is the informative post on marketing media ideas that should never be considered.

11 Things Every New Dental Office Should Do

Here are 11 things every new dental office should do to guard their marketing dollars and protect against excessive risk.

Managing Your Online Dental Reputation

Nowadays, Patients often search for a new dentist on the internet. So, online reputation is key to beating the competition and making your practice thrive. Learn some do’s and don’ts when it comes to requesting & managing online reviews.

Internal Promotion – A Low Risk Marketing Medium

Using the right dentist internet marketing strategies leads you to win more patients. Learn some different marketing mediums and techniques to promote your dental practice.

Real-Time Online Scheduling Integration

Readout this post to learn how our patient scheduling software seamlessly integrates with your practice management software and makes it easier for your patients to book appointments online!

Marketing your dental practice is a very important task nowadays, more you will advertise the dental practices more people will get attracted towards you. Learn how to advertise your dental practice by reading the document provided.

6 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

For the perfect marketing of the brand, one must be present and engaged on social media. There are certain steps that you should know before doing posting anything on social media. To know more about the marketing strategy on social media, read the post.

When a Patient Comes in With a New Set of Veneers… That You Didn’t Do!

When patients arrive at your clinic with a new set of dental veneers that you didn't do is a very strange situation and many questions come to our mind. This can be due to a lack of internal dental promotion. Know more about this by reading the article provided.

Setting a marketing budget—how do you put a price on success?

There are several ways to market your dental care practice and each of them needs a different price tag whether it’s websites, direct mailers, or Superbowl blimps. Here, New Patients Inc. explains to you to decide how much to spend and where should your budget go.

High-Risk Marketing Mediums – Billboards & Yellow Pages

Read out this post to learn what makes Billboards & Yellow Pages high risk dental advertising mediums.

Dental practice attributes the CONSUMER finds attractive!

Read out this post for recommendations that can be implemented over time and will continue to add to the marketability of your practice.

What Goes Into a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan?

Read out this post to learn about the things to consider when creating an efficient dental marketing plan!

The Four Things We Warn Dentists About

Here are four things that a dentist needs to be aware of when starting a dental marketing campaign in order to stand up in a crowded market.

Internal Marketing Begets Referrals

Learn how you can use dental internal marketing to educate your patients about your services and get new patient referrals.

  • At New Patients, Inc., we provide professional dental advertising services to attract new patients on your practice. We are committed of driving more patients towards your dental practice, thus provide marketing services like SEO, video marketing, reputation management, website design, and more.

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