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21st Century 9th Grade Math Learners

Check out the 8 must-have skills for these math learners!


Students will work the task "25% Sale" to practice being an entrepreneur and figuring out different problems that may come up with a business, sale, or transaction. Click link about to view task. Answer key available on website.

Digital Literacy

Using their digital literacy skills, students will listen to the video provided and type up a summary of how to factor using the "Easy-X Factor" method. They will submit this to their teacher via email/class website.

Emotional Intelligence

Let students use their emotional intelligence by solving a mystery! This fun activity can be done in pairs of students or individually as an extension. Good luck!


Allow students to work at their own pace at these real-world compound interest problems on IXL! Free practice problems for any user.


Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Let your students live out the Shark Tank Experience! Students must come up with their own business or product for a class period activity. Students must:

1) Come up with unique business or product
2) Explain how it will make a positive difference in the world
3) Decide who will need to be hired to make the business run
4) State how they will come up with revenue to start up


Incorporate a fun yet challenging task into the classroom for students to work on problem-solving. This two-period activity is engaging for all, bringing in real life situations as well as some fun imagination. Students in 9th grade have touched on proportions but can be let loose in this activity to utilize prior knowledge in problem-solving.

Team Work

What a fun online way for students to work in teams to solve Sudokus! Place students in groups of 3-4 based off of ability level and allow them to work on the sudoku together. See which group whens for a fun prize.

Use activity also as an extension and allow students to work with partners on computers.


Students must communicate with their peers on working through Module 9: Modeling Data. Students can be placed in groups of 3-4 and work to discuss, analyze, and answer the problems at hand that relate to real life.