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Servicore G.S. (S.G.S) is a company dedicated to serving the ground support equipment (GSE) industry. We are specialized in GSE replacement parts, GSE sales, GSE training, GSE repair service, GSE rentals. The organization holds a physical store which is located in Miami, FL.

Ground Vehicles Are The Coolest Parts Of Airports

If you have ever been in an airplane, chances are that you wanted that window seat to enjoy the aerial views that have inspired humans ever since the first flights - however, most of the time we end up staring at the concrete airport tarmac before and after the flight.

Important Considerations Before Buying Aircraft​ ​ Boarding​ ​ Stairs For Aeronautical Operations

Aircraft boarding stairs sometimes referred to as aircraft steps, crew stairs, stair cars, maintenance stairs or simply as passenger boarding stairs, provide a mobile means to cover or traverse between the doors of the aircraft and the ground.

Are Airports and Ground Handling Ready for the Coming Surge in Air Travel?

Air travel is one of the most popular means of travel. It is safe, time efficient and with time is easily becoming a cost efficient choice for the most of us. Thanks to the competitive pricings amongst various other airlines. While airline travel is definitely surging every year, it is time to analyze whether or not the airport and their ground handling are well equipped?

Where Can You Get Aircraft Belt Loader For Sale at Exclusive Prices?

Aircraft belt loaders is one of the main ground support equipment that includes fueling trucks, push back tractors and catering trucks. Aircraft belt loaders are vehicles which comes with conveyor belts. It is used for loading and unloading of baggage on aircraft.

When it comes to training, Servicore G.S. has the most specialized technician on the field.

To avoid downtime with the equipment, the personnel that operates it has to be well trained on the operation as well as on the maintenance and repair of such unit. Our program is based on the GSE need; we offer maintenance and operation training for almost all of the existent equipment on the ground support. Our technician is certified by Hobart, Lantis, S&S, and many other well-known brands.

The Benefits Of An Aircraft​ ​Ground​ ​Support​ ​Equipment

The Ground Power Support Equipment, So, Consist Of Various Types Used In Powering Up Aircraft Stationed At The Airport Terminal. The Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft stationed on the ground. Ground power units are built into the jetway, initiating it to supply electrical power to aircraft.

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Servicore G.S. (S.G.S) is a company dedicated to serving the ground support equipment (GSE) industry. We are specialized in GSE replacement parts, GSE sales, GSE training, GSE repair service, GSE rentals. The organization holds a physical store which is located in Miami, FL.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Preconditioned Air Units?

Portable and preconditioned air conditioning options are ready for smaller vehicles as well. Many companies provide various types of units for virtually any type of vehicle, both small cars, trucks or construction, and agricultural equipment. They provide an affordable liquid to cool or heat the interior of your vehicle.

How New Strategies Are Solving The Ground Handling Challenges

It can be hard to list all persistent challenges faced by the airport ground handling. The challenges that matter is mostly major and need immediate attention. Challenges could be:

  1. Inefficiencies related to multiple ground handlers
  2. Lack of standardized procedures
  3. Unforeseen aircraft ground damage
  4. Ineffective resource management
  5. Suboptimal airport designs
6 Ways To Maintain Your AIRCRAFT​ ​BOARDING​ ​STAIRS

If your aircraft uses passenger stairs there are a lot of ways you can mitigate and slim the chances of a bad experience when people are boarding the plane. Remember when travel of any kind is taking place safety should always be a top priority. Here are 6 Ways to maintain Aircraft boarding stairs:-
1. Routine Maintenance
2. Look for warning signs
3. Passenger complaints
4. Obvious breakdowns of equipment

Russia and its needs for modern Ground Support Equipment

The Russian market for ground support equipment imports almost 50% of its equipment. The situation could be cited as a tad bit complex as it does not help decide the fate of local GSE makers. Since Russia’s regional airports lack the requisite funds to invest in the modern GSE.

Common threats to aircraft electrical systems include Hobart generator failure, bus failure, component failure, and electrical system fire. Possible side effects of aircraft electrical systems failure include:
1. loss of all or some primary power generation ability
2. loss of individual components
3. loss of all components and sub-systems that are powered by the bus

Important Ground Support Equipment Inspections

During the Ground Support Equipment Inspections the work stand should be checked for any hydraulic leaks along with other components listed below:
1. Handrails, safety chains, lock pins
2. Lubrication and functionality of the hinges and casters
3. Weight loads – condition and safety stops

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Ground Equipment Services

Winter can cause extensive damages on farming equipment by causing it to rust and fall apart. Blistering heat of summer can also cause failures. Down time due to Ground Equipment Services failure can result in huge losses. It is imperative that farmers prepare for these threats by proper maintenance.

GS Express specialized in GSE Replacement parts, and Airconditioning Mechanical Parts is also one of our products which we are selling. There are different types of Mechanical Parts available on our site.

The Benefits and Affordability of Belt Loaders

From plane to plane, the belt loader picks up the baggage that was assigned to that specific plane and takes it in groups to the plane. The belt loader then carries each bag of luggage up into the side of the plane to prepare for liftoff.

  1. Purchases
  2. Efficiency
  3. Types

GS Express specialized in GSE Repair Service, and General Electrical Equipment is one of our products which we are selling. There are different types of Electrical Equipment available on our site.

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How To Reduce Maintenance Cost Of Ground Support Equipment

To reduce maintenance costs that go into maintaining Ground Support Equipment, make sure the checks performed by technicians trained to handle the equipment. These technicians should be different from the general maintenance support staff that exists at the airport. These technicians are skilled and specially trained to handle the equipment.

Aviation ground support equipment what you need to know about it

Aviation ground support equipment is critical for the day to day operation of every airport. They are essential tools for the ground support teams which make sure every airplane is well-maintained and properly prepared for the flight. The main purposes of airport ground support equipment are:

  • Cabin Service – This includes the services related to passenger and crew comfort – clean cabins and other consumables

  • Catering Services – Unloading and loading of food and beverages for both crew and passengers

Coming to the current situation of aircraft in general, they have 5 main parts that define the whole body - if you are in the aviation industry or you are a frequent air traveler - in general as well - you should be aware of these. So, should we start with the front or the back?

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How To Choose The Best Portable​ ​Air​ ​Conditioner​ ​For​ ​Aircraft

Incentives for purchasing a portable AC unit include the ability to dehumidify the air, some of the units even include air filters that will purify the space that you’re in. Even better, some of the units have built-in heaters as well. Another interesting thing about the units? They are easy to conceal, so you won’t have to worry about it being an eyesore in the middle of a big room.