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Life Self Coaching

Life Self Coaching provides fresh perspectives and creative experiential journey, in executive and personal development focusing on our key core strength areas of Global Communications, Executive Coaching, and Mentoring.

Reasons Why You Need Executive Coach

Executive coaching help organizations attract exceptional leaders and executive teams to improve their performance. Executive coaching often provides critical support to senior leaders who are responsible for making the right decisions and achieving the right outcomes.

Top Executive Coach Dr. Avra Lyraki

Dr. Avra Lyraki is a Global Executive Communications Coach & Mentor who works with C – Level Executives and high potential leaders to help them create positive permanent shifts in their leadership impact and the results they achieve.Book your session now!

Eventually, our road to success depends on various factors. Here are some ideas that can help us look with an open mind at some things or situations that can help us succeed!

Need of Executive leadership coaching

Executive leadership coaching will enable you to acknowledge proficient achievement and accomplishment, as you characterize it. The professionals deal with CEOs, officials, business visionaries and different experts to enable them to understand their expert and individual potential.

CEO Executive Coaching-Help Increase Profitability And Accelerate Growth by Life Self Coaching

We provide the best skilled executive coaches that work with high potentials and deliver the best service over an extended period of time to support their transition to the next level of leadership effectiveness.

Suggestions to improve our self-control

Self-control helps us, in order to control our emotions rather than let them control us, something than can sometimes be catastrophic. The important thing is to make our emotions work in favor of us and not against us. Our goal is to choose the most efficient and the most appropriate response in any case.

Find the best Executive Coach

Build your communication, influence andexecutive visibility. Be perceived as a thought leader in your field. Top executive coaching website for C-Level executives and business leaders. Book your session now!

What You Need To Know About Executive Coaching

Leadership development alludes to exercises that improve the aptitudes, capacities and certainty of pioneers. Projects differ enormously in multifaceted nature, cost and style of instructing. Coaching and leadership development are two types of advancement regularly used to control and create leaders.  

How Coaching And Leadership Development is Beneficial?

Executive Coaching helps Executives/Project Leaders/Coaches to enhance their everyday interaction with their team and clients in order to build successful and long-term relationships with their internal & external stakeholders.

Ways of improving our emotional self-awareness

It is important to be aware that our emotional self-awareness is the key to handling emotions, in order for them to work for us and not against us. It is also the key for understanding other people’s emotions and for the improvement of our relationships.

Ways to Choose the Best Executive Coach and Mentor

It is often reasonable for the organization to identify many suitable executive coaches and mentor who fit the desired requirements of the organization. This helps the organization to recruit a series of practitioners who fulfill the organizations basic requirements. Not only this, but they also search for the ones who may also have different specialties or approaches to coaching.

Skills That Make A Good Leader

A good leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Here are some characteristics that separate good leaders from bad ones.

Best Executive Visibility Coaching

Build your communication, influence andexecutive visibility. Be perceived as a thought leader in your field. Top executive coaching website for C-Level executives and business leaders. Book your session now!

Human Social Networking-necessity or choice?

Nowadays, someone who is looking for an advice, a job or an experienced doctor, consults his/her friends and acquaintances. An important role, in practicing human social networking, plays the reputation we built as individuals and as members of different groups, but also in our entire professional and social circle, from where we can look for significant help or just simple information.

Steps To Achieve Career Fulfillment

People are working for fulfillment. Everything can change when you truly love your job and career. There are many ways to attain career fulfillment that every person endeavor for.

Think positive

How can I think positive?
Most people I’ve met during all these years I’m practicing coaching, consistently ask me this question: “I’m trying to think positive but most of the times my negativity overcomes all those positive thoughts”. Most people I talk with have come to the conclusion that either positive thinking does not work or that they don’t try hard enough.

Why businesses need to hire Executive Coach

For improving interpersonal skills, Communication Coaching is becoming increasingly popular within the umbrella of executive coaching.